Monday, November 14, 2005


Another Plastic Jewel for the Crown

Prince Purple-lips brought his gold-plated tin crown in today for fitting... a sparkling new rhinestone may ease the pain as he glances down at the bare hand. No ring? No matter; he'll just put his fielding glove on so nobody notices.

The votes came in today, and fielding outweighed clutch, at least to those voting for the official AL MVP. Apparently one needs not add actual value to a team's record to be considered most valuable to the league; As long as you've got the numbers, they really don't care how you got them. And I don't care either... about the MVP results, that is. This particular year's winner underscores how irrelevant this award actually is to the true value of a player, and promises to make this award less and less meaningful to people in years to come.

The problem with the MVP award is that everyone has a different outlook as to how someone is deserving of the "honor" or not The guidelines either aren't there or they are interpreted differently. And there always is an idiot or 3 who will vote according to their own whims and whimsy. The vote for VladG comes to mind in a flash.
Welcome back Reb. We missed you. Sometimes it's nice just to get out and feel the fresh air. Or as Bruce would say on this 30 year celebration of the landmark LP (album) Born To Run, " roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair. The night's busting open, these two lanes will take us anywhere..."
Right on, Rebecca. The hamburger helper gloves work in a pinch, too.
Amy, if you happen to log on here, I think there is a problem with your new site. When I click on comment, and then highlight the space to type in my name, it cycles back to the opening screen. Maybe when Reb sees this, she will try it and email you if it doesn't work for her. If it does, I guess it's a Mac thing, or something. I would have emailed you but don't know how. The site looks great! Hi Reb. This was the only way I knew how to get that message to Amy. Talk soon.
Costume jewelry indeed. Shiny and cheap. Not entirely unlike the highlights in his hair.
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