Wednesday, November 16, 2005


New Stuff

I'm adding a bunch of links to the left, and I'm not nearly done yet. I've been meaning to do this for months, so of course it all adds up, and it should take me awhile to remember all I wanted to link to. All in good time.

Reb, I wanted to add a blog fav. of mine that you have also read at one time or another. It's called All You Need to Know, or AYNtK,and you can find it here. Thanks for the space to do this........
Cool. You listed a couple more Pats blogs I did'nt know about. You rock.
a very good blog, peter*, which I don't visit nearly as often as I ought... I limit my links here to sports-only, but I've been meaning to add that to my Faux Shui links. which is now done.

mr.blackn'white- I've been collecting them up, but I'm sure there's still plenty more. I should look on your list.
I think I have a few listed that you don't have. Feel free to grab any of em! I'm sure the owners would appreciate more links.

Thank you Reb. I see that it's up there. He's had so much really funny (out loud laugh type) stuff up lately. Take care
Boy, read Andrew's first two posts. They were great, especially his cable tv efforts with comcast. Happy Sunday smiles. And Jere as a white male breeder, his was funny too. Couldn't help but comment.
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