Friday, January 27, 2006


On a Personal Note...

Remember back in August when reb started trying to quit smoking? We here at reb sox are pleased as punch to announce that reb finally quit smoking for good one week ago. We know one week might be a little early to bust out the fife and drums, but sometimes ya just know what you know. You can read all about reb's struggles in her quest, and how it suddenly became so easy. Or not. Whatever floats your boat. If you are a smoker and you would like to quit, no one can really help you do that... But reading about my experiences might give you some insight into how you can eventually achieve your own goal.

Also: My niece is fifteen months old today... Which means so is the red sox championship. Amidst our recent struggles - the FO drama, issues of all kinds on the rubber last season, our current wide-open vacancy in center field, the media creating problems instead of just reporting on them, and other teams' FO's trying to steal us blind while we're in desperation mode - still there is a certain peace which cannot be disturbed here in red sox nation. Two years ago, an off-season like this would have been hell. This year we just roll our eyes as we anxiously await those two lovely words "play ball!"

Congrats on the self-imposed smoking ban. Your lungs and I thank you. You've got a lot of living to do. Catchy title...that would make a great song. P.S. 6 weeks from today.
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