Friday, January 20, 2006


At Least I Can Breathe Again

For over a month I found myself sans internet access, and truthfully so wrapped up in physically moving my belongings to a new little niche in the world... Well I had almost forgotten the joys of the internet, and I dive back into the digital world without even knowing where to start. Boy did I pick a time to take a break, eh? I hardly recognize our boys in red. I had to make a diagram of our new roster, and this is where I realized that our third outfielder is this guy:

(the one on the left, my friends. If it were the one on the right- well then we'd REALLY be in trouble.)

Cute, Jewish, and Cornhusker he may be, but Adam Stern needs a year in Pawtucket. The outfield situation scared me so much when I first looked last week, I crawled right back in my hole as if I were some kind of weather-predicting oversized rodent from Pennsylvania. (zoology majors, feel free to correct me here- I have absolutely no idea if those wascily vermin are rodents or what, and that's just the type of useless information I like to stay informed on.)

Anyway, even from my dark hole, I could hear the roars and cheers and banging of cymbals in celebration as I caught a glimpse of Boston's wonderboy gracing a much happier headline than the last time he made breaking news. Across the table, my friend Mike noticed a light beginning to dance in my eyes. Immediately I open my new phone to see if the news had hit the ESPN ticker yet - Nope, the news was indeed that fresh. Forty minutes later I was home, typing madly onto my blogger dashboard even before making time to say goodbye to my friend. Never mind that I was supposed to already be in Westport to meet another friend... Theo has returned and so must I.

Truthfully, the timing could not have been better. I've been meaning to write, but to write I have to research (or babble, as I'm doing now) and material just seems so hard to find when you've been out of the loop. I ought to have given my boys in blue one last blog... Alas, I missed my chance, and the very next day I knew my sporting world had finally gone over-the-edge haywire as I found myself rooting FOR the terrible towel-heads. (And I will reluctantly continue to do so, JessieE; tell Perry. Maybe the third time's the charm for those guys.) Now that Eric Mangini has gone gan-GREEN, I'm officially confused and nervous about the off-season situations of both of my teams, and the return of our dear theo is a dearly-needed shot of adrenaline for our hopes here at reb sox.

Your blabbing is just as great as your researched and delicate sermons. Have is too short not to, baseball or otherwise.
They are indeed rodents. The groundhog, Marmota monax, Class Mammalia, Order Rodentia.

Cute=good. Jewish=good. Cornhusker=SHITLIST. I think the previous two outweigh the last one, but still. I have Cornhusker rage these days.

Welcome back!
jere is a cornhusker.
Theo is exactly what we needed to regain this off season (among a few other positions).

Wonder if Clemens will make a return as well...haven't been following that development...anyone know?
I've been thinking lately of doing some kind of Adam Stern defense post, as he's awesome, he's a Husker, and it wouldn't be his fault if he ends up being the center fielder, yet I feel everyone would boo him anyway.

But NOW I feel I have to defend myself. I would make a great center fielder. I'm fast, I can catch fly balls, I can run the bases....all right, that's all I could do at the major league level, but still, my arm's no worse than Damon's, and I'd play for free and NEVER go and play for Mr. Dunbar.

Also, Sam, settle down. Worry about the rest of the Big Elevten. You won't see us again for many years if at all.
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