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Oh, whatever... I can't think of a title *giggle*

I just can't seem to come up with a cohesive post today. (I think it might be the nicotine patch that I'm wearing that's making my brain go all wacky. Oh, well... at least it's not the lack of nicotine making me go all psycho.) (Jere, please note: I make no apology for commenting on my personal struggles. And I think this may qualify as a list, so I hope you enjoy it thoroughly. Also, I realize that all my parenthetical remarks make things difficult to follow, and I really don't care... maybe it will put you all in my confused mind-state.) So I've decided to bullet my thoughts.

Red Sox

Yanks Suck

The Patriots


Usually when bloggers "change location" we mean from blogger to typepad, or livejounal to blogger, etc. No, this time we've got a different kind of move going on. I'm about to swap "distance to Fenway" ratios with two bloggers I love to read:

An extra special treat

1. The space to the left will make a good spot for your stubhub ad.

2. Will you be putting a picture of you and the trophy above it or beneath it? I think it should go on top, personally.

3. This is sooooo incidental, but Kim (AKA me) just had avacado sushi. For the first time. Crazy!

4. Did I title this comment? Ah, screw it. I can't think of one.

5. I once predicted that Kevin Millar will lead the league in getting hit by pitches this year. What's the stat for that?

6. Parenthetical enough? Yes? No? Maybe?
If I'm still abl to remember how to sign into blog.com after the frequent celebratory drinkng binges, I'll happily post all sorts of drnuken ramblings for reading enjoyment. This is, of course, assuming that I EVER FINISH THIS PAPER! Sorry, pent up agression towards footnotes, or something.

I'm also very happy to see the Graff working his way into the hearts of boston fans... I've been a fan of his eve since it was rumored he was going to sign with Boston before '04. Hopefuly he gets the majority of playing time at 2B for the rest of the season.

1. Any idea how much those stubhub ads net? I could really use some extra cash.

2. I had two pics taken of me with the trophy... one by some woman with a digital camera, the point being that she could e-mail it to me so I could post it promptly. Well, at least I thought she was very nice to do me the favor. The other, by the disposable camera that I had to purchase for my buddy, who was numb enough to show up without a camera, who promised to give it to me as soon as he got it developed. Sure, I know, I didn't have a camera either. This is b/c I'm completely oblivious and didn't even find out about the trophy event until I was already at work. So I'll be sure to post it in a prominant location when I get it next year or whenever.

3. What the hell is avacado sushi? Isn't avacado usually served raw? I really enjoy how it's included in a variety of sushi rolls, but it drives me beserk when cali rolls which DO NOT include any raw fish are referred to as "sushi". You?

4. I've notice that jere is getting quite the response to his post. (perhaps not the kind he wanted)

5. Maybe you should ask Plunk Biggio how he ranks compared to Millar. He's good at coming up with useless stats, since he's got little else to do.

6. I think parenthetical means in parentheses. (Am I wrong?)


yeah, I can see that you're really trying to finish that paper... it's too bad your fingers keep getting possessed by the spirit of useless statistics, typing incorrect figurings for things like the chances of winning a chevy cobalt, cared about only by those who are registered to win. (oh! I bet you did that for Jere, didn't you?) At this rate you may be able to move back in time for opening day?

But seriously, pul-eeze don't hold back on those drunken posts! We have the rare chance to see your wild side. Perhaps you'll post pics as well? (I'm pushing it now, eh?)
5. The stat is HBP. Millar's been hit by 7 pitches so far this year, and he's tied for 35th place. The 2005 leader is Shea Hillenbrand, who so richly deserves it, with 20.

(numbers from the espn stats, here)
Here's the top 40:
1 Shea Hillenbrand Tor 20
2 Carlos Delgado Fla 15
Jason Giambi NYY 15
4 Craig Biggio Hou 14
Jose Guillen Was 14
Geoff Jenkins Mil 14
7 Brady Clark Mil 13
Aaron Rowand CWS 13
Lew Ford Min 13
Reed Johnson Tor 13
11 Jason Kendall Oak 12
Jason LaRue Cin 12
13 Angel Berroa KC 11
14 Mike Lieberthal Phi 10
Andruw Jones Atl 10
Nick Johnson Was 10
David Eckstein StL 10
Rickie Weeks Mil 10
19 Alex Rodriguez NYY 9
Matt Lawton ChC 9
Placido Polanco Det 9
Jerry Hairston Jr. ChC 9
Nick Green TB 9
24 Larry Walker StL 8
Derek Jeter NYY 8
Jermaine Dye CWS 8
Dmitri Young Det 8
Aaron Boone Cle 8
A.J. Pierzynski CWS 8
Adam Everett Hou 8
Albert Pujols StL 8
Travis Hafner Cle 8
David DeJesus KC 8
Ryan Doumit Pit 8
35 Carlos Baerga Was 7
Jeff Kent LAD 7
Shannon Stewart Min 7
Craig Counsell Ari 7
Frank Catalanotto Tor 7
Kevin Millar Bos 7
Oooooh! Kevvy's a TOP FORTY HIT!
Why do I not see Gary Sheffield anywhere on this list? I would think he'd be a guy that pitchers are dying to hit. Or maybe they're afraid to, since he's a thug?
Yes, Reb, parenthetical - in (). I use them, like, a lot. However, I only included one set in my comment. (What do you think? Should I have included another set?) [Brackets?] --em dashes? -- both are a nice change of pace. Emthetical. Brackethetical.
I don't think the Pats are really expecting Bruschi back this year... I think they're paying him full salary because they're the bloody New England Patriots and that's what they do.

Took me a minute, but now I'm thoroughly freaked out by that photo. Thanks, Rebecca!
Sheffield's tied for 87th with 4 HBP
Half my life is parenthetical.
Reb - Have you ever tried to write a Masters Thesis on Asante national identity in the pre-colonial period and its manifestations in the colonial and post-colonial periods? I didn't think so!

I'm so dead.
I thought that saying that saying (on my LIST) that I don't like LISTS would be a dead giveaway that the whole thing was a joke, mainly making fun of a lot of the things I do anyway.

But I guess you're just never going to understand that. And maybe if you read number seven before number eight, you'd understand the parentheses thing. Do you all really think I'm sitting heref fuming because people are using parentheses? It was a joke. Read 7, then Read 8. Much like the National Grammar Rodeo isn't about the grammar anymore, it wasn't about the parentheses.

About your "personal struggles." I didn't say I don't like to read about people's peronal issues. I love it. I do it on my own blog every day. I was saying that it's not necessary to tell us that you know we don't care about it.

And I love stats and pore over them daily. Again, this was a joke. It's weird having people now throw stats at me because they think I don't like them. I was born in a brier patch, byitch!

All right, I'm done explaining jokes. Also, who's this "Kim" you addressed?
huh? Asante? As in, the man who well help us forget all about ty this year? Or maybe you mean Infante? I don't think you want to know what I've said about him in the past. No? Well maybe you ought to have picked "blogging on sports from a far-away place" as your Masters thesis; you would have no trouble writing that, eh?

seriously, I doubt I would be capable of writing a Masters Thesis, since I have yet to get through three full semesters of undergraduate work. But I have faith that you will complete your master-piece master-fully and in ample time to master the art of taking three shots at a time, forcing your canadian buddies to bow down and call you "master".

and don't forget to post a pic of that, eh?

oh, I thought you did those typos on purpose.

yo, I know you were just kidding. I was just kidding about you not liking all the attention, as I know you love the attention, so please stop being so damn defensive!
what are you trying to say about my sense of humor, anyway?
Who is Kim... LOL
personal issues... what I said was to note that I'm not apologizing for writing about them. and the parenthetical... you know how much I love doing that, more than anyone else does, I'm sure.

it seems I'm getting I'm getting lots and lots of comments today... but don't worry, I'm sure I won't reach triple digits.

Kim- Brackethetical... Hahahahaha!

Sam- leave it to me, right?

Peter* join the club.

Twitch, this number is WAY to low. Someone needs to send a memo to Conteras ASAP. Although he ought to know that Shef's an asshole anyway.
Reb - 'Asante', of course, beig the name of an 18th-19th century West African Empire, subdued in 1896 by a British invasion and incorporated into the growing Gold Coast colony, which mostly conformed wth the borders of the present day country of Ghana.

And let me tell you, that description does not do the fun and excitement justice.
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