Thursday, January 26, 2006


For Your Amusement (Warning: Explicit Content)

Which is more disturbing: that reb sox showed up on the very first page of an MSN search for "BEST FUCKED YOUNG BOYS", or the fact that someone in Saudi Arabia not only executed this search, but chose to visit reb sox, AND was interested enough to view ten different pages on reb sox within the hour, AND COME BACK the next day TWICE.

EEWWWWWW. Is there something about you we don't know? A secret life? All kidding aside, the internet is the internet, open to all. It all depends on where we as bloggers pop up whenever someone runs a search. A little scary. Take care Reb.
I too am always amazed at some of the referrals to my site from people searching for crazy things like that. I am also surprised that a good number of the sex based searches seem to come from middle eastern countries. What that burka and viel just does not do it for ya? Heh.
The Internet sometimes moves in mysterious ways!
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