Thursday, October 27, 2005


White Sox Win

Bleh. That was a boring World Series. I can't believe it's over already. The games themselves were so tight... a travesty it should end as a sweep; it appears so much more lop-sided than the matchup was. Oh I guess I've already said that. And every other series wrap-up will say it, too. Sorry. I know you people don't come to reb sox so you can read the same damn thing you've read in twelve other places.

Edit: I'm sure most people in the country were disappointed in the competitiveness of last year's series, too. Let's not lose sight of how exciting it must have been for white sox fans, and the overwhelming joy they must feel right now. As we celebrate the one year anniversary of our red sox championship, I realize there's a joy from it that may never go away... the thrill of the memory lingers on.

And the ratings STUNK, which I knew before the combatants began. But that's for another day. Put it this way, it is not the fault of McCarver, as unintentionally comical as he is, that no one tuned into the first 3 games.
I still feel bad for the Astros :(
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