Wednesday, October 19, 2005



I see that Roy Oswalt is pitching a no-hitter through four innings.
imagine that. no hits. in an elimination game. huh.
wonder how long he can keep that up?

Edit: Love how that always works.

Edit: Hmph. Remind me never to bother rooting against Roy Oswalt.

Despite my sentimental disappointment, I can't be all that broken up here. The Astros really dominated the Cards in this series, much like the White Sox did in the ALCS. They both have unbelievable pitching, and I think it's going to be a well-matched and competitive World Series. I'm going to be rooting for the Astros - But clearly there will be plenty of sympathy to go around; MLB and FOX must be pretty psyched about this matchup.

Fox hates the matchup because both teams are from the center of the country and the ratings will suck. What will turn out to be a super matchup for the fans, with great pitching (and hitting for the winning team) will pale in comparison when it comes to the ratings. MLB will also not be pleased because of the lower viewership. So what's good for the fans is NOT good for the broadcast bigwigs. Too bad for them, and I'm being polite when I say that.
What Peter meant to say was tough shit for them :)

I'm playing master of the obvious today :)

heheh. you did this for me, Amy. I am not linked by the globe's feedster or anything, so I can feel quite free to say FUCK 'EM.

As far as being from the middle of the country is concerned... I don't get it. There are tons of people in "the middle of the country." What I mean by a good matchup is the human interest element to it... the 1917 vs. never history. That's got to generate some national interest. It at least gives FOX plenty of material to work with to sell the series to non-fans, and they wouldn't have that with a halos-cards match at all. As far as MLB goes, I betcha they're pretty pleased. if they aren't they are fucking insane. World Series appearances are what makes bigger fans out of people, and clearly these fanbases are an untapped market. In order for MLB to continue to flourish, teams other than the skanks and red sox need to attract national interest.
I think it will be a great series, good enough to get me out of bed at 1:30am for a bunch of games not involving the Red Sox...
Dunno, Peter. Chicago hasn't seen a World Series with one of their teams in it in nearly 50 years, and Texas has NEVER seen one with one of theirs, and those are two extremely large media markets. I have a feeling that the ratings for this WS will be just fine, as were those for the 2002 series. Not NYY or BOS, but that's overrated too - the 2003 Series that feautred NYY vs Florida was barely watched by anyone.
We'll see...I just hope for GOOD baseball, with runs scored in bits, not bunches.
The games have been tight & exciting, but this will be one fast series.

One thing about a quick series;
less blather from McCarver & Buck.
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