Tuesday, October 18, 2005



I admit, I couldn't do it. During my expedition to the grocery store and then the bar, apparently the Cards lost the 2-1 lead. The tv at the bar was tuned to MNF, and I walked over to the pool table to see the score in Houston. 4-2. I let them know at the bar and this guy Scott told me I was poor luck, bringing bad tidings to all. He's got money on the game, and the series, I'll have you know - Not an emotional thing.

So awhile later I go to check again, knowing the game must be almost over. Still 4-2, 2 outs in the top o' ninth - the series is almost over. Seconds later, a base hit. I walk back over to the bar, tapping Scott on the shoulder. "Tying run is on base," I tell him. "2 outs in the ninth." He has the remote. He switches the channel. Edmonds was up. He almost gets hit at one point, and we're yelling at him from seventeen-hundred miles away to take one for the team; don't back off. Then he walks. And so the go-ahead run comes up with two outs in the ninth: Pujols in the ultimate pressure situation. Of course we're thinking longball, and at the same time knowing that it won't happen and I'll hang my head in sorrow in moments, right? And all of a sudden I'm watching a ball go into the stands, checking to see it WAY FAIR. And hi-5's and hugs and cheers abound. No, I'm not in St. Louis. But everyone love a finish like this, right?

Back to St. Louis. ::huge glowing smile::

I was going to yell at you for rooting for the Cardinals, but then I read the post below. So now I won't yell ;-)
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