Thursday, October 06, 2005


Sticker Mojo

The Sign

That's right, y'all recognize this - it's up there on my banner. But there's something wrong with this picture, right? No, it wasn't taken before Jere & I put the stickers up... This pic was taken just under a month ago. Despite commissioning my NYC readers, I have yet to receive report of an improvement upon the situation.

The Problem

Well there's two problems actually. One is that our boys need our good mojo, every little last bit we can give to them, or the season will end abruptly. The Red Sox need DO IT AGAIN mojo.
The other problem, of course, is that this sign is located in a subway station, and as every NYC resident knows by now, there's been a bomb threat regarding the subways, and the stations are swarming with security, and surely you all think I'm heartless and petty to be concerned with some silly stickers on some stupid sign?

The Mission

Do it anyway. Please. I'm on my knees here, people. The security is far too busy with checking people's bags and what-not to be concerned about a few stickers. Now I don't want anyone to be sacrificing their lives for this, and I hear the threat is extremely specific regarding time and location, so please try and get an idea of what that's supposed to be before running off to Times Square...

Just try and do this for me by tomorrow at four, please. If you have to draw socks on a mailing label with a red sharpie, if you need to stick a pair of red socks on a wad of duct tape, if you've got to put your 2005 official red sox regular season schedule up there with clear contact paper... get your sox mojo on the sign. pretty please. caramel and whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles and hot fudge and a big fat marachino cherry on top. I know they're out of season, but I'll even find Bing if you prefer. Or Magic Shell if you like that sortof thing. Pop Rocks, people, seriously, whatever you like. Ever try mini-chiclets? very good if you're a bubble-gum ice cream kinda person...

Oh, and the specific location of this sign is described in the comment section of this post.

No joke, I am going at lunch tomorrow. But I don't have a digital camera for proof!
We believe you! We need all the "mojo" we can get.

Pour as neccesarry
I seem to be in Boston more than NYC lately. That's my excuse.

At Saturday's Game Four, I'll buy a sticker. When I get home (while we're in the ALCS) I'll put it up.
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