Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Don't Spend All Your Runs in One Game

Mattie got shelled. He hasn't been the same at all since the hit, but some starts have been worse than others; I think we could see pretty early that it was one of those days...

And so it ended up as "one of those days" for the whole team. It didn't help much that Contreras has grown some serious balls up there on the rubber. The falterings of an uncharacteristicly fumbly white sox defense could not even help us out. If we can't capitalize on mistakes like we saw today, we had better not make any of our own.

So. I saw that we finally broke our record "post-season winning streak". 'tis better that way, I believe. There is no prolonging the magic, people; that was then, this is now. For some reason many seem to think this is basically the same team as last year. It is not. Better to break ties right off the bat or we'll have these insipid national announcers talking about last year's team non-stop. Now to get back to the business at hand: Win games.

And so we must bow to our sox brethren in white for the awesome offensive display at US Cellular today. It was, in fact, explosive to the point of excess, which does not always turn out to be as good as it looks at the time (see title) and we of Red Sox Nation could do without seeing much more of those fireworks. We were ready to put this game behind us, toss it into the recycling center for brain cells, by the seventh inning. Now that it is mercifully over, we wait for the sun to rise on another day, a chance to go at it again.

Hopefully the Red Sox have gotten all the 'suck' out of their systems now. Something tells me Boomer pulls us even tomorrow. I'm sticking with my prediction: Red Sox in 4.
It was about as ugly as it gets. The upside is that you don't score any extra points for ass-whuppin' - it's still just 1-0 White Sox. We dust ourselves off and go at it agin tonight.
We dust ourselves off and hope Mattie doesn't go near the mound the rest of the season. He has been consistantly sucky for such a long time. And I know why. His breaking pitches are flatter than, well, I'll be polite. Flatter than a pancake. Go Boomer or we're in deep dog doo. P.S. I like the point reference.
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