Thursday, October 06, 2005


Thanks Tony... We All Needed a Gut-Check

I had allowed myself to forget this feeling... But it wouldn't be the sox in the playoffs without sqeezing all the hope out of you without actually removing all possiblities, now would it? Problem is, we've seen this turn out in our favor too much lately. We can't just reluctantly accept that the end is near; recent memory tells us that we are far from it! Yet we know this is a new year, and time doesn't just play the same show over and over like a PPV channel (remember, pre-VOD?). And lucky us, we have a travel day. Extra time to torture ourselves in these matters.

Meanwhile, I've been looking at stats. I've been studying lots and lots of White Sox boxscores. *gag* So far I have caught a good 40% of the games the pale-hose has played this year. I do believe I remember Sam mentioning how completely frightening this team is... yes, due to her, er, slutting around with the tigers on the side, she's seen quite a bit more of these guys than we have, and rumors of dead kittens have been whispered throughout the year. Well I guess I wasn't paying attention, or I let the media-hype blow my expectations out of proportion, but it's all clear to me now: the Chicago White Sox have been vastly underrated in this series.

All this study has been in compiling BpB numbers for the pale-ho's rubber men, which frankly I ought to have done back in June so I could see what a REAL pitching staff looks like. Seriously. I'll have more up on Garcia today, and will work on completing the numbers for the ADLS bullpen. Even if you could care less about stats (which is how I am most of the time) you should glance at the way the numbers break down; it will tell you a lot about the pitcher. Anyway, our arms are A JOKE compared to this staff, so I should also do some work to update the numbers on our own guys.

I'm not saying we can't beat them. Oh, no, I am not a gloom-and-doom type of gal, as most of you know. It's a short series, anything can happen, and it ain't over 'til the fat lady exits stage right... The better team does not always win, as Cardinal fans would be happy to prattle on for you. Given our struggles this year as a team, we're lucky to be in the play-offs at all - theo knows it - and a three game winning streak is not exactly Mount Everest. The best athletes crank it up when the heat is on. We have seen our boys take it up a notch when they've had to... Well now they really have to. And if they don't? Well then they won't deserve to win this thing. And as much as it pains me to say it *I HOPE IT DOESN'T HAPPEN, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN*, the white sox DO.

And if Papi lifts us out of this muck, he had better get that MVP.

I'm just going to post links to your blog from now on since you say everything I'm thinking, but in a much nicer, less f-word laced way. ;-)

Admission time:
At this point I just want them to avoid getting swept, especially at Fenway (which is pretty much what I was saying last year after ALCS game 3.) Just avoid the sweep and then go from there.
yeah, mr.blackn'white, since "not getting swept" involves the existance of a "home game 2", I guess we're hoping for the same thing. Except that I also hope that they will WIN any game I might attend due to the tremendous REB IS IN THE HOUSE MOJO, and of course if that were to happen, then there's hope for even more...

hard to put emotion and frustration and realism into just plain words on a page, isn't it? My game-rage of late has exceeded the f-bomb - it's just not cutting it anymore. I need to find something dirtier before I start breaking things.
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