Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Blast from the Past

In June, when I introduced Bases Per Batter, according to calculations made by Billfer, Mark Buerle led the AL in BpB. I, er, am still too lazy to make a spreadsheet on every AL pitcher. I can, however, tell you that Mark's performance has been slipping a little, but not by much. His average is now at .411, and for those of you who know what this means, his worst start this year scored a .704 BpB on September 20th, his best a .120 on opening day. He has faced our boys in red twice this season, scoring a .500 on July 21st and a .647 on August 12th.

All this and more information, including a pictoral representation (aka chart) of Buerle's season can be found in the link to the left entitled "Playoff Pitchers". This is a somewhat misleading title, as Buerle is the only pitcher I have completed the numbers on, but these things take time, as you know.

I'm a little worried (OK, a lot worried) about a Buehrle/Wells matchup. If we're not hitting him, he's going to work really really quickly, and Wells isn't going to get much rest at all at the top halves of innings... which, for David Wells... yeah, I worry.
you're worried? you weren't up half the night staring at the pale-hose boxscores. If last night was not enough to burst my playoff-induced euphoria bubble, that WAS.
I think Boomer is going to rise to the occasion and pitch well. We do have to score some runs, obviously. But another one or two performances close to that of Contreras, and it's trouble. That's with a T which ryhmes with P and stands for..... well, it worked in The Music Man.
musical mojo! thanks peter*.

Oh I see why you're worried, sam. I forgot that kittens everywhere would be running for cover today. Does the feline anarchist still consider herself a kitten?
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