Monday, October 03, 2005


The Steadfast Expression of the Man in Charge

His fingers were spread evenly around the can in effort to coneal its label; it was either Bud or Miller Lite that Theo was taking large gulps of each time the reporter asked another question. His answers were the usual even-tempered optimism, but more of a smile showed as a glimmer in his eyes and a carefree lightness in his tone. There is nothing sexier to me than intelligence, something which oozes from every pore of our GM... sure, he's not a bad-looking guy, but this is what does it for me.

The press hates talking to Theo as much as Bill, it seems, as getting newsworthy comments from either man is a bit like prying open the shell of a clam without cooking it... every fiber of muscle inside is focused on keeping that shell shut. I love it. The bland answers are like quiet assurance to me... a reminder to never panic, a promise that decisions will be thought through carefully. As fans, our emotions are quick to rise and fall... thank papi that those at the helm follow a steadier course, keeping their eyes on the big picture - which they can see in terms of years rather than months, weeks, or even days as we sometimes look at it.

Down in Foxboro, Bill had little to smile about yesterday. I was unable to watch the game myself - I was at WCSG's yesterday afternoon, and managed to check on the score every once in a while, but Jere was there as well and since he could not give two licks about football, I think he might have spazzed out if we had stopped at CBS long enough to see an entire play... leastways if we could have been watching a Ranger fly out or a Philly grounder on ESPN during our NESN commercial break. Still from the score... well I have read enough Belichick press conference transcripts in the past five years to know what it would say before I even pulled the page up this morning: The Chargers are a good football team. They played better than we did. We need to play better. I don't know what you're looking for there; We didn't execute the plays we needed to make to win. Heh- these aren't in quotations (they are my actual guesses) but they may as well be, they are so similar to what appears in the post-game transcript.

Win or lose, these guys always credit the opposition. They always address the teams' shortcomings in a specific-yet-vague manner. They might occasionally crack a joke, but they never, ever smile until the post-season.

I love to see them smile.

Edit: I thought it was Bud Lite, but could not remember any specific evidence beyond a hint of blue... Red's beauteous screencap has confirmed my suspicion. By the way, how did Theo know we would even care what kind of beer he was drinking?

Yesterday's Pats game was not fun to watch in the 2nd half so you're probably better off for not having seen it.

The Pats are going through a difficult time right now with all the injuries again. There's not a lot of experience in their defensive backfield right now and I think that's hurting them the most. Dillon seems to be having a hard time getting things going too and that is making our Offense a little one-dimensional.

Despite all this, I still think the Pats will be ok. The AFC East is wide open. I think we bounce back in Atlanta next week!
Thanks for the comment. I think he's cute too :)

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