Thursday, June 16, 2005


January in June

After the last six sticky, sweaty days, it was hard to imagine being cold. But sure enough, last night at Fenway, it was. really. cold. Our boys must've thought so, too. There was no BP for the sox, and only KY was out while the Reds had BP.

KY must've drawn the short straw
Or maybe it was just because he wasn't in the lineup last night.

had to do interviews
Yet four fine bloggers were out, braving the cold, and looking for photo opps.

I don't know what empy was pointing at here, as there was not much going on out there.
It was pretty obvious we weren't going to see much at the dugout, so eventually we meandered over to our seats, which were in the second to last row under the Ford sign, so at least we were in the same general vicinity as the bullpen.

The red seat has a different number plate than the others.

note that there was a one that has been scratched off.
I'm sure someone will provide a detailed explanation of this. If you know, please tell.

We hung out near the fence, staking out a spot to watch warm-ups, which unfortunately was right in front of the seats of a huge group of 15 yr-olds.

This is always a welcome sight:

C-tek crosses the field to begin warm-ups

the windmill always looks funny in photos

I really don't think Captain appreciates all the people looking at him while he warms up.

but it's really cool to watch. who cares if he minds... he's getting paid ten mil.

while Bronson was doing his little sprints on the field, Manny came out. He looked a little aimless until a Reds player came out to chat with him.

I wonder what they're talking about. Recipes, maybe?

This pic really would've been cool if I had held the camera through the fence. jeez, I'm an airhead sometimes.

This is when they kick everyone away from the fence.

But I stood on top of a seat to take this one.

why am I JUST NOW noticing that Bronson took his 'rows out?
Probably because he was such a bad-ass on the field, I really didn't need to notice. He struck out eight, and looked like he was tiring a bit in the seventh. We saw Captain Cheese up in the 'pen, getting ready to go in if Bronson failed to get the outs. This spawned quite a bit of groaning and chatter in our section. So glad we didn't need him, but I am reminded... I need to update my silly chart so I can predict what kind of outing he will have next.
I was impressed by how most everyone in the park stayed 'till the end, despite the bitter weather. The people in our general vicinity seemed pretty cool. Witch City Sox Girl and I made enough comments about players' appearances that the guys in front of us starting making funny looks at each other. I wonder if they thought we knew nothing of the actual sport.
I didn't take any pics of the actual game, since we were so far away.

This one I took to confirm: Witch City Sox Girl made her shirt.
and it's awesome. I want one.
At this point we were pretty tired, but when you sit all the way in the back, there's quite a wait to get down the stairs.

here's the OTHER pic of the three blogettes.
I promised this pic to jere, but he couldn't get it for some reason. So when I posted it he was able to grab it. So now I've taken it off, and replaced it with another taken at the same time. One look at Empy will tell you how tired we all were. This pic also reveals the source of a theme of sorts for the day, if you've been reading closely.
for more details, stories, analysis & silliness regarding our freezing night at Fenway, see Empyreal Environs, Witch City Sox Girl, and of course, the man we owe our tickets to, jere.

Sounds like it was a great night. Nice photos.

Starking on an old discussion-Google just published information on how they rank sites.
Here's an article on it.
Here's the patent application. (20050071741, search on applications at if the link dies.)
Wow, that's an interseting shot of Witch City and me. It looks like we purposely pretended to look off into the distance, which of course we didn't. And didn't I do a great job of getting the Citgo sign in the background of the three of you? (Don't tell anyone it was my second try! Whoops.)
It does sort of look staged. I can confirm that it wasn't. And the Citgo sign is a lot sharper than I remember last night. Good job, dude.

Reb - I am working on your shirt!

Oh -and I think that you've captured the moment that Empy discovered the missing ladder (pointing).
I like how in the new pic, it's 10:04 PM.

A bolt of lightning? A bolt of lightning!
Is the theme "cold"? The snowflakes on your t-shirt? I don't know, I've got nothin.
I'm pointing and yelling, "Iceberg, dead ahead!" in honor of Fenway being opened the week of the Titanic sinking.

And I'm also checking out the improved grade of the field with the new drainage system.

Or something.

Great time, fellow blogians.
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