Saturday, July 22, 2006


Arms Testing

Aside from the usual lame-n-lazy, Reb has been super-busy, out of town a lot, and quite possibly *in love* and therefore duly distracted. But don't worry; said lucky boy still has no idea that I am a blogger, and once he finds out I'm sure it'll be all over and you'll have me back to yourselves... (er, probably not, but ya'll can hope.)

Anyway, just wanted to check in to say that even though I fell asleep while watching last night, I sure do continue to like Kyle Snyder, not that my opinion matters, but perhaps those of tito & tek DO:

"I really was impressed tonight," Francona said. "And what's even more encouraging for me is how impressed [Varitek] was. Tek really thinks this guy can pitch. That's a good sign for me. I think Tek is genuinely excited about what this guy can do. He threw a lot of strike ones today and got ahead."

yeah. now that's good news, especially with arms falling out of our rotation left and right. I half-heartedly wish I were not an atheist so I could PRAY for the quick recovery of Timmy's ribs before we have to use some kid right out of high school to start a game. Fortunately I believe good vibes are just as effective and am currently meditating to beam them out to both Wakefield and Wells regularly. I send some to Matty Clement, too, but those include a special emotional healing and anti-suckiness wish. And yes, perhaps I AM a freak, but at least I have an imagination.

I'm also sending out good tidings to Mike Lowell, and hoping he can keep a few crackers down by now. I'm really hoping Mike hasn't been spending a whole lot of time with his teammates lately, if you know what I mean. The last thing we need right now is a clubhouse flu epidemic. The great part of Mike illness is the creative adjustment to the rotation... Call me a fool, but I LOVE IT when Papi plays first base. Ok, so he does not have the range of KY, but it's cool to see how competant he is there, and maybe it'll have a bit of impact on those MVP voters this year. And of course it means we get Gabe AND Wily Mo in the lineup while Manny gets to bat AND rest his knee. I know Willie Harris was supposedly a tremendous asset to our bench, but I did not like seeing him out there with that pathetic .156 batting average. Fortunately he's agreed to hang out in Pawtucket to try and get his swing back and rejoin the gang as our pinch-running specialists once the roster expands in September.

On to today's game... I have a bad feeling that this is one of those "taste-o'-the-bigs" designed to scare the hell out of Gabbard and is not expected to go well. Fortunately we humans tend to rise to the occasion every once in awhile, and perhaps our hot bats will give Kevin the extra shot of confidence (or insurmountable lead) he needs to post a win in his first major league appearance.

Today's game will be @ 4:05 on FOX, including Hartford's FOX-61 (thanks Michael for the heads-up.) I will be a bit busy downing tequila shots in between meeting my new man's friends at a 40th birthday party, but I will be with you all in spirit... really. I may even make some pretend trips to the bathroom to check on the game. Just don't ask me to evaluate Gabbard's curveball.

So happy for you and "the new guy." You deserve it. Stay busy, stay well. The Sox will be just fine. In no time Timmy AND Boomer will be back. And as long as Tito pitches Hansen for one inning only, and with Little Manny lights out, we're good. Take care Rebecca. He's a lucky guy!
Mildly off topic, have you heard the new political advertisement talking about baseball in Connecticut?
Spam...he got thru on my blog too. Grrrrrr.
Mildly? My ---!
Glad to be of help, Reb!
Orioles Red Sox on 2nd FOX Feed, tomorrow, via WB20, while Angels Yankees are on FOX 61, as prime FOX Feed:

This is my Public Service Announcement to CT & You.
8/23/06 - Reb - I miss you ... Please post more frequently ! LOL !

You've been SILENT:

The Nation NEEDS to hear from you.
Reb we miss you! I need another sane voice in the nation right about now.
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