Thursday, May 18, 2006


It's Safe to Come Back Now; Reb has Approved

I got an e-mail earlier this week from a reader regarding this petition to bring Roger back to Boston. As you may know, I'm careful not to pepper my dear readers with just any crazed correspondence I may get in the ol' inbox; I tend to be rather slow and deliberate in my consideration of such things, sometimes painfully so. I don't do it to be rude to those readers who are good enough to e-mail me with interesting links... oh my, no. But I don't feel right about putting opinion links out there without stating my ground on the matter, and sometimes it takes a bit of mental debate to clarify my location.

This bit about Roger has been hashed out to a pulp all Spring, in Red Sox Nation and beyond. It's gotten almost as absurd as the bi-weekly press conferences they were holding for awhile in Green Bay over Brett Favre's non-retirement. Like Brett, no one really believes Roger is ready to step away from the game, but at least in this case there is some genuine drama, like where to go from there. Roger has laid out the possibilities clearly, pitting two sets of fanbases against one another, as the teams themselves duke it out for the right to play backdrop to the Rocket's final stage.

I have my own fantastical imaginings of what is going on behind the scenes. I like to make up these silly storylines, and naturally in my head things always play out as they should, like Ty Law's return home. When I first caught wind of the Roger rumors, I brushed them off as a pipedream, but as things have progressed in the media this Spring, the prospect has swung a one-eighty in my mind. The way Roger's been kissing beantown ass in the press, it feels like he's already decided to come here. I (in full acknowledgment that this is ridiculous speculation) believe he and theo are under hush-hush verbal agreement, with Boston needing to keep a strong showing in the division race of course, and also match any other bids. The secrecy is to drive up the bids, throw a stall into Cashman's schemes, and give the FO time to pawn off Wells or Clement. But don't take my word for it; I also thought Pavano was going to sign with us (as the clear career choice) and thank papi that didn't happen!

As far as the petition goes, I'll be honest in saying I'm not sure what the point is. I doubt Roger will ever know it exists, let alone read our pleas... and I certainly don't think it will swing the tide for him. Of course I signed it anyway, because it can't hurt, and I hope you will, too. (Except for Jere, of course, who won't, so I won't bother hoping. If Roger comes back, as far as he's concerned we'll have a corpse on the mound every fifth day.)

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I have a feeling Rog will be staying in Houston to be with his son...

We should start up a 'Where will Roger go' pool... (Hell will not an option in the pool ;)
A corpse that will win most of his starts. Even our Jere might change his mind in the midst of August, where wins are sooo important. And the Rangers just this moment won, and the strains of Liza singing that song are so sweet in the background....take care.
And I got the same exact Josh Q. Public email. He must be sending it to all the well-written and good looking blog writers.
I signed it, Reb.

'04 was "The Great Cleansing."
I predict: the yanks will SWWOOOOP in and pay him HA! NOT 4 million a month but FIVE!!! HA HAAA Why? Because we CAN!! That's why. And Roger will stink and maybe win 5 games due to the funereal feel in the clubhouse.
Roger coming back would be fine and dandy, but wouldn't you rather wait for Dontrel Willis, how will most likely become available in July when the Marlins start their annual fire sale? Just a though...
Keep up the good work Reb
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