Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Still More Egotistical Skankee-isms

Oh yeah. Said skankee-fan Jay from the previous post wanted me to make sure you all knew that yankee fans are the ones who invented sports-blogging, and red sox fans are merely riding along on their coat-tails per usual, and doing a half-ass job of it, at that. That from a guy who had never even heard of sports-blogging a month ago.

He also wants to make sure you all know how much more patriotic yankee fans are. And that Red Sox fans are so politically liberal, the team ought to be re-named the "Lib Sox". As if there's something wrong or unpatriotic about that. So ignorant, he went as far as to say that nothing valuable has ever come about in the city of Boston, and made fun of the Boston tea party, and denied it unequivocably when I informed him that if it were up to the "Empire State", we all would still be subjects of jolly ol' England. All this I find to be utter nonsense and hardly worth my time to type, but he did insist... right before he went into some more crap about how we're still crying about Johnny Damon. Seriously, that just happened. I want to bang my head against the wall, but I'm afraid my ears will still be working afterwards.

Sounds like he's trying to be stupid on purpose. Maybe it's his way of flirting... :P
you would think, right? FYI everyone: stupid does not work on me. brains required here.
The Empire State was the 11th State to ratify the US Constitution.
& Boston had the 1st Legallly-established Subway, in 1897. The Green Line is part of that legacy.
The yankee "Fans" invented pissing & moaning in typeface.

A blog is a journal & there are more RED SOX blogs than anything in the world.

"yankees Universe"?

Oh, how so original! They have all the imagination of Microsoft.
Your ears will be fine...and your eyes, too. So as long as you blog-write as well as you do, Yankee fans are sure to follow. And you will "out-wit, out-play, out-survive" every one of them. Just my vote, Reb.
And one your friend Jay reading this? If so, he knows you're Red Sox through and through. That's why we love you.
jay claims to enjoy reading my blog, yes. and still he had the nerve to ask if there was any chance he could convert me to the yankees. I'm hoping that was his idea of a joke, 'cause if not I may have to test his reading and/or logic skills.
And then we'll read about the news, just for asking you the EXACT wrong question. Convert? Not you! And P.S. We all enjoy reading you.
"Yankee fans" and "lame and pathetic".

Perfect together.
The Bleacher Cretins have to buy "Hooked On Phonics" in order to learn how to spell "Suck."
//he had the nerve to ask if there was any chance he could convert me to the yankees//

I see he knows how to score the points. Smooth. ;)
Reb, I know that I have been absent from the blog for awhile but the best thing that New England and Red Sox fans gave to the world is the New England accent...

And come on how many movies have been made where someone is always beating the Yankees to win the World Series. I mean even the movie Rookie of the Year hates the Yankees!
yeah, michelle, where ya been?

yankee fans have pinstriped blinders which stubbornly prevent them from seeing many things... one of which is the fact that most people don't like them or their team. We red sox fans do recognize this about ourselves, but realize that it's an unfortunate side-effect of ameri-typical media over-exposure.
>>They have all the imagination of Microsoft<<

That's freaking hilarious!
The best reply would be: That's not true about Red Sox politics, after all we support Curt Schilling who, as you know, is as patriotic and non-liberal as you are.

And then his head would explode.
And you are hanging around this person.... why?? LOL it's gotta be for laughs and blog fodder!

Truly, yank fans have become such a caricature of themselves, it's... truly staggering. How numb do you have to be to start linking liberalism to Red Sox fandom -- and vice versa?? Wow.
Very entertaining though!
For yankee fans prefer to watch sideshows, such as beer-tossing, fan-tossing & making believe that they were harrassed by another team's fans, so they can act rude, crude & obnoxious among themselves. This leaves little time to watch the game at hand.

"God Bless America" is only played, in order to prevent a total riot of "The Inmates of The Bronx Asylum For The Criminally-Idiotic", my name for yankee Stadium.
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