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The beautiful thing in my inbox:

Boston Red Sox Postgame Alert
May 11, 2006

Boston 5, N.Y. Yankees 3 at Yankee Stadium
Record: (21-13)
N.Y. Yankees Record: (19-13)

Winning pitcher - Tim
Wakefield (3-4)
Losing pitcher - Ron Villone (0-1)
SV - Jonathan
Papelbon (13)

Those of you suffering without the "Hell, No" Network can likely guess that the postgame show is mostly about losing "much more than the game" as in Hideki Matsui, whose wrist injury includes a broken bone and need for surgery. What you also missed was Johnny Damon, looking a little bloated and tied up in a shoulder wrap, playing doctor as he assessed Hideki's injury based on degree of swelling. JD apparently aggravated his shoulder (and maybe a foot?) in the process of robbing Dougie of that homerun. He'll be playing hurt, though, 'cause he's a good guy like that, and besides they don't have anyone else to put out there now.

And we leave the Bronx with a better taste in our mouths than last night, as we remain in first place and hold a 3-1 advantage over the skanks in the head-to-head meetings this season. Done for now, but we'll pick right back up on it in ten short days, as the bombers come back to Boston on the 22nd. Hopefully Coco will be back for that one.

Both You & Jere are in My Blog today, with the title "Inmates @ The Asylum" liking to Your Blog.

Thanks for The Mention, Reb.
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