Saturday, January 28, 2006


The Position has been Filled.

Well whaddaya-know, Cleveland didn't need the sweetie Delcarmen after all... I thought they were just pushing the desperation button, seeing how far they could get with it, but I was not sure they would back off. I think they must really like Marte a lot. The prospect has turned out to be little more than a poker chip for the red sox, and considering the players he was traded for each time, a highly valued one. After finally getting the message that theo & co. were willing to give up on this deal, Shapiro caved, unable to walk away form Marte.

In a press release, Cleveland GM Mark Shapiro explained:
"In Andy Marte, we are acquiring a right-handed power hitter who is also a good defensive third baseman. Not only is third base a position of need in our organization, but it is one of the more difficult positions to acquire a player of Andy's caliber and skill set via trade or free agency."

I for one am looking forward to seeing this kid when he finally hits the big leagues - find out if he ends up worth all the fuss.

Meanwhile, although Crisp looks to replace Johnny on the field and in the lineup, the big picture nets us Coco for Edgah. By the numbers these players are similar in caliber, but strikingly different in character. Hopes are high that Coco has more of the emotional make-up required to play in the fishbowl we call Fenway. In other words, he seems to have social skills and a personality.

Good morning, and my favorite fishbowl too.
In other words, he seems marginally less likely to break down in tears on the field. Poor Edgah.
Crisp's social skills and personality are key. Plus, there's a nice dangling carrot for the musician in him, too. If he has a good season and the fans and press like him at the end of it, he can probably record an album and it will sell as well as Arroyo's.

(Crisp writes his own stuff and has a pretty nice voice and flow. He's on "Oh Say Can You Sing", the MLB players sing stuff album from 2005.)
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