Sunday, October 16, 2005


Comedy of Errors

I had my tv on in the background showing the Jaguars @ Heinz field, which ABC was good enough to switch to after the other Florida teams proved a non-issue. I'm sure they just go by whatever game is tightest, but this was exactly the 1 pm matchup I wanted to see. As I admired Sam's latest slideshow from Michigan, I became distracted by what was happening over in Pittsburgh.

Tie game, Steelers had 3rd down and five at Jax's 26 with four minutes left; can they be stopped? Yes! Maddox takes a two-yard loss, and they line up to take the lead with a field goal. Oh, what's that? The kick flies wide right.

The Jags pull together a nice drive from their own 36, and at 2nd-and-8 from the enemy 32 Leftwich makes a pass which looks to be a sure touchdown... only to have it batted away at the last moment. 3rd-and-8, Byron tries it again - intercepted in the endzone.

Maddox kneels, and we're on to overtime.

The Terrible-towelheads win the toss. Quincy Morgan returns the kickoff 74 yards to the Jax 26. Seems like this is already clinched, but after missing a kick from almost as far, Cowher decides to try to get a little closer. In the first play, Willie Parker loses three yards, then fumbles, managing to fall on the ball. In the second play Willie gets two of those yards back. 3rd-and-11, Maddox fumbles, and after a few tense seconds of bodies flying, Reggie Hayward falls on the ball at the 36 to give Jax a shot.

Leftwich gets nothing done, and after failing to convert 3rd-and-22, a penalty on the punt brings it up to 4th-and-27. They punt again, and this time are good enough to stop Antwon Randell-El at the 35 for only a two yard return. Still, I am disheartened (although not nearly as much as I am right now, after seeing those orange horses gallop down the field for a fourth touchdown.)(Urgh! AND the Patriots fail to get even one first down.)

Maddox takes over, and after failing to complete his first pass, manages to do worse with his second, connecting with Rashean Mathis of the Aqua-apparelled, who runs it all the way in from the Steel 41.

The Jaguars win, and I laugh... partially out of sympathy for my mystical friend John, partially out of utter disdain for Heinz field and all creatures who call it home, and partially because I sure can't laugh about the game I'm watching right now. (Ack. They just showed the most depressing chart of our boys' first eight possessions. ::gags:: Not pretty.)

It's teal, girl. Teal, not aqua. Aqua belongs to that town south of the Cuban border. (said the guy in full knowledge that no guy should ever know the difference between teal and aqua.)
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