Sunday, October 16, 2005


The Incomplete Comeback

Bill must've figured something out, finally, and just moments after I published my last post which included some moaning about the impotence of our offense, our boys began to crawl out of the enormous hole they had dug themselves into. A noble effort was made, enough to make us all believe it would happen and... no dice. So our defending Superbowl champions head into their bye week with a .500 record, and we here at reb sox have come up with a short list of things we need to do better in the next ten games.

I'm confident that Bill will work on all of these things and much, much more. This should be a fruitful break, and I believe it comes at a good time for our team. Also, it gives Tedy two whole weeks to try and get in the game ASAP.

This year's Pat's defense is surely different than those in the past 5. But I am not qualified to go further with any comments about them. And pitching and the White Sox are certainly 2 things that go together. Yankee fans take note....THAT'S good pitching. Come to think about it, the same goes for us Sox fans. Now if the Astros win today, what a match-up of pitching staffs!! When is the last time 2 teams had at least 3 dominent starters backed with a corps of relievers?? Wowie gazowie!
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