Friday, August 19, 2005


Return to my internet world

I'm back! Well, sortof. I've left my retreat at the cottage, and am now at my sister's in Weymouth on the way up to NH. I will not really have time to blog until Monday, but I looked and saw that some of you are still checking in, just in case. And that makes me feel loved. So thanks, and I'll write soon.

I went to Fenway yesterday, and there was no game. Some rock n roll band was supposed to play. So I said what the heck, maybe they're good. And so it was. I'm running on 2 hours sleep right now, but it was worth it.
Friday night again, here in Hartford, that same band will be playing. I guess they're catching on. Can't wait. **Yawn** Oh well, off to work I go.
I saw the rolling stones with my dad 2.5 years ago, at MSG. Merrill Lynch gave him free tickets, and we also had semi-quasi backstage passes to the "cocktail area" which was worthless because it was the night being filmed by HBO, so those guys had no time to mingle.

anyway, I was amazed at what a good show they put on, after all these years. Aren't they all in their sixties now? you'd never know it by the way they move around the stage.
Not only are they all in their sixties, but - little known fact - Keith Richards has actually been dead for 15 years. All the coke in his system is just keeping him animated.
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