Saturday, August 06, 2005


Oh Crap

way to THROW the game away, guys.

Francoma didn't even have anyone warming up after the 4th of 5 staight hits off Boomer. What's with him? I have to admit that Mr. Wells is our most consistant pitcher, but gee, it was like Francona let them tie the game. Today will be better. By the way, way to go RJ.
That about sums it up perfectly. At least the Spankees lost too. Hope the Sox can avoid the sweep today.
Seven words, two comments. You're headed toward Surviving Grady numbers.

Make it three comments, plus your reply would be four. I wonder if it would be a record if you got more comments than words in the post.
oh yes, watch out SG, here I come with my absurd commentage level. jere, did you ever return to that Joy of Sox Schilling-prayer post? now that one got some comments.
Reb, stay away from today's ( Mon.) N.Y. Times until you finish your 6 Feet Under mini-marathon.
peter*, holy shit. AGAIN? Is it actually for real this time?

say no more; I still have ep.61 to watch.
ok, caught up peter*. what can they possibly add to that? you should e-mail me so we don't have to have a detailed discussion of this on my comment thread.

and yes, jere, I wrote this to have a seventh commment. but really, I'll have to get 2 more to match the number of words in my post.
Happy to help.
Oh, so you include the title. So we're all tied up at 9 then.
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