Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Reaching My Own Blog in Creative Ways

I noticed a little while ago that I was on "the hotspot". So I decided to try and reach my own blog from the "next blog" button. I hit "next blog" for a very long time. I swear I must've reached over forty blogs for a second time, and some a third or fourth or even fifth time. I even reached a blog I recognized as one I found months ago with "next blog" that I had liked. I was waaaay past wanting to give up, when I finally reached... my other blog. Bizarre.

In other news related to my blog-stat obsession, someone from Louisiana just recently reached my blog by searching for "how to pop the question". I ask you, if you are trying to figure out how to propose to your girlfriend, how exactly do you read this:
BlogThis! Reb Sox Friday, July 08, 2005 The PoP Question - Again So. It's been almost 24 hours since I asked for input on the positive outing percentage cut-off point. About forty "unique visitors ...
and think it's possibly going to help you in your endeavor? Maybe they do things differently down there in the south? or maybe he's looking for a VERY creative way to beat around the bush?

What is the hotspot? Just wondering...
glad you asked, mr.blackandwhite. When you hit "next blog" it's only partially random. Any particular blog is only available to "next blog" at certain times. How it is determined, I have no clue. But if it were completely random, then you would see a scattering of occsional hits from random blogs spread fairly evenly over time. But they don't happen that way at all... I always see these hits concentrated, usually over a one hour period. I might not see them for two weeks, and then all of a sudden two days in a row or something. Today I got a ton of random hits, so I just took a look at them. They came roughly between 4-5, and 6-7. I don't know what blogger calls it, but I call it the hotspot.
or maybe it was a female looking to pop the question
oh, how very assumptive of me, you are right, jere.
I'm in a hotspot right now. Big time. This is my most productive HS yet.
oh, now you've got me going. but I didn't get you; I got BSM.
and here, all this time I was chalking the hit spike to a particularly hot babe-a-day, and that somehow the word spread like wildfire through the blogosphere
john, when I read that, I had a feeling the hotspot was the reason. It's amazing how it may not show up for weeks, though, and then a few times in a row. But let me tell you, since writing that above comment, I have also been on the hotspot from 12-1 last night, and 11-12 today. Amazing and completely bizarre.
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