Tuesday, August 09, 2005



"Edgah Rentaria the hero tonight," or so claims Orsillo. But he's not fooling anyone; we all know why we were still playing at that point. Sure, it's great theater in the end. But at this point we are all so tired of what Jere likes to call Edgah's "National League" playing. He leads the league in errors by a good chunk. And that's just not cool at all. The whole team's been playing sloppy of late, and it just pisses me off. Oh, I know I'm not the only one.

So that's great, Rent pulled it off in the end. But he needs to take in some extra ground balls or something, and the whole freakin' infield needs to join him, 'cause this shit has got to stop here.

And while I'm at the declarations, I may as well point out that it's time for Bronson to break out the Saturn Balls for this game tomorrow. Sure, we know Kenny Rogers is rusty as a barn-nail, and that his temper may not deal well with the taunts that surely will be flying at the Fens tomorrow... But Bronson, you need to be the balls tomorrow, 'cause you're due, and we might need it. In case you haven't noticed, your team is fielding like shit, and you're up against the second-best ERA in the AL.

Remlinger wears Bill "Spaceman" Lee's number. Maybe he should go back to his planet Remulack. But a win is a win, especially when the Jerkees lose.
well it sure would feel a lot worse if we had lost. I guess being pissed is better than wanting to kill. plus this whole no-cigarettes thing kindof intensifies my frustration.

peter*, e-mail me your thoughts on the funeral?
Congratulations on your quitting endeavor. It's not easy, but it is so worth it.
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