Saturday, August 06, 2005


Random Chatter (includes one or more dead animals)

Yesterday was plain awful...
but that's the beautiful thing about baseball. lots of games, so the losses just don't smart like in football. (we can all dream of a perfect season, but most likely you will see me really mourn at some point in the next six months.)

Anyway, in the baseball world things are already looking up, as the yanks just dropped in Toronto, 8-5, with errors charged to block-head, the shriveled unit, and Flaherty, who frankly is just too pathetic for me to have a nickname for. I caught the tail end of the game, with the intolerable sheffanie taking a solo lap, then Prince purple-lips got a called third strike, and I swear from the first camera angle it appeared that slappy was puffing his chest out as he got closer and gave the over-the-top thug glare to the ump. Of course, I was watching YES, so they quickly changed the angle... but it is amusing how quickly that overgrown child loses his cool.

Also Boomer seems to have good stuff today, and fiery as ever, as Captain just had to have a little mound chat with him about keeping his cool for the plate ump. Bitchin' about calls is just going to get you more bad calls, Boomer, and worse...

Now I know this is a stretch, but since this is a sports blog maybe I can mention something about hunting? I'm not into it, personally, but my cats are. I can be realistic enough about the food chain to appreciate the various field mice, voles, and moles i find occasionally after my boys have had their way with them. I know how proud of themselves they are, and I do try and praise them, even though I'm completely grossed out as I use a leaf to pick the small carcass up by the tail and toss it into the woods. This is the time of year they start to catch a bird once in awhile, and as sad as that is, I really do get proud of them for that, because I think that must be pretty tricky.

Today was a new & different experience for me as a cat-momma sought out for praise. If you are squeamish, and haven't already figured out that this is going to be really gross, the time to stop reading is NOW.

So I was minding my own business, trying to catch up on Six Feet Under episodes on HBO on demand this afternoon, when I heard a cat's cry coming from the backyard. I look out my window and see Thor, the more talented of my two loyal predators. At first the cry does not seem to be coming from him, then he drops something and I can see that it was just muffled. He continues to cry until I appear on the back porch, and start walking up the hill toward him. As I approach, I hear another, higher-pitched cry... Thor picks his captive up with his mouth, then drops it down again in a different place. He backs off just a bit to let me get a look at it. Honestly, I'm not quite sure what type of animal it was, but I can tell you it was ALIVE, and an infant of some type, slightly larger than a kitten, which is the only type of newborn animal I've seen before in person. Newborn animals don't tend to have much hair, which makes them difficult to place with their species if you have no experience in this area... my best guess is an oppossum, but I suppose it could have been a squirrel, or who knows what else. I didn't have much time to figure it out as Thor quickly went to work, and I'm thankful his back was toward me so I saw little more than a bit of blood as the mysterious animal let out it's last feeble cries, and soon was silent as my cat continued to chomp. I managed some obligatory praise as I backed off down the hill.

Someone once told me that a cat did not eat it's prey until it's seen it done by another cat. I had never been aware of my cats eating their kill before, and I assumed by the many whole bodies I have found that they did not. But perhaps field mice are not too tasty. Or maybe Thor eats and Piter does not. I don't know. But I'm not too interested in finding out. I'm flattered that it's so important to Thor that I see his prize, but I never wish to see him eating something alive ever again. I hope this doesn't hurt his feelings.

Edit: Thor seems quite satisfied with himself today, and not at all hungry. "Baby... the other, other white meat."

Did you see 6 Feet Under last week, or are you catching up watching it on On Demand?? That's all I can say until I know the answer.
peter*, I am catching up; please say no more. my sister has been catching up, too but is ahead of me, and I was over there when she started telling someone where she was with it on the phone. "Lalalalalalalala...." I start saying, like a crazy person, fingers in ears. It took her a few minutes to figure out why.

I have four more episodes to catch up on and I will probably watch them today.
When you finish, let me know. I'd like to go over a couple things with someone as perceptive as you. Enjoy, and tonight's the second to last episode, EVER. See ya Reb.
I still have six new episodes left to see, and you have only two! see, there are benefits to slacking. I would like to kiss whoever came out with VOD, and make out with whoever decided to apply it to HBO. (metaphorically, of course, in case my man or his sisters are reading.)

Here are my predictions from where I am in the series:
*some inevitable romantic interlude between Nate and Maggie
*a third, more intense/violent reconciliation attempt by Billy
*some sort of violent outburst by Keith with the boys
*claire gets fired from temp job with conservative company
*Vanessa gives Rico another chance, which is somehow disrupted by Victoria
*george is revitalized & seems more normal in the new apt, and ruth starts to have second thoughts about deserting him
Interesting, but of course I cannot comment in any way. You'll know when my closed mouth policy no longer has to be in force. We'll chat then. Oh, by the way. In an amazing coincidence, I was one of the two principle inventors of video on demand. so thanks!
wow, are you serious? because really, peter, this has had serious impact on all of our lives. and you thank me...

notice than no one else wishes to comment on this post... think it's the baby-eaten-alive thing that's scaring everyone away?
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