Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Public Service Announcement

Hey, I don't know if you people are like me, but I rarely, if ever, look at the announcements on my dashboard. As a result, when Blogger goes down due to a scheduled service, I usually get screwed in some way, shape, or form.

But today I read the announcements, and it's a good thing, because Blogger will be down tonight from roughly 9-10 EST. Even if you are not on Blogger personally, it's helpful for you to know this, so you won't have to bother trying to go to a site that is on Blogger at that time.

Also, if you are in the NYC area, (and possibly other areas, too; I recommend that you check your digital guide) the Sox game will be on ESPN tonight. Please be sure to have your seats in the upright and locked position, and enjoy the flight.

Edit: Well I guess that Blogger service is tomorrow. But I swear, this morning it said the tenth.

The flight should be calm and peaceful as a cold front in the form of the New York Yankees has dissipated due to their loss to the White Sox. Our cruising altitude will be 5 games. Thank you and enjoy your flight.
I love this blog. Terry is a little off the wall, but his writing is great
peter*, that blog was on the hotspot the other day, when I was trying to get to my own. I remember the title. But of course, since I was clicking next blog like a lunatic, i had not bothered to read. thanks for the heads up.
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