Friday, August 12, 2005


Have a Good One

I have some rather disappointing news for you, my friends. I am leaving this afternoon for a week's vacation, and I will not have access to the internet during that time. If by some freak chance you need to reach me, Jere & Witch City Sox Girl both know how to do that. I had hoped to write a more detailed post, possibly mentioning something about my quit-smoking endeavors (going smoothly; thank you for your support) and the sox (imagine that!) but unfortunately I have just spent the entire morning at the chiropractor's office, and I still have a million things to do before I leave. I learned there that I have a somewhat unusual, er, structure of sorts... apparently my clavicle (?) is barely connected at all. I have so much movement with my shoulder that it would practically be impossible to dislocate it, I suppose. My rhomboid muscles are the only things attaching my shoulders to the rest of my body, thus bearing the weight of my entire arm. Yes, on both sides. Kindof explains why my rhomboids have been killing me for, oh, just about my entire LIFE. Not a problem, per se (according to her, at least) but I need to do some excersizes to strengthen some interior muscle I forget the name of. And this is supposedly why my entire right arm has been numb for about a week now. interesting stuff.

Anyway, have a nice week, folks. I will be listening to our boys on the radio in Plymouth, Mass, so if anyone's headed that way this week, let me know through Jere or Kim.

It's next week as you're reading this, but I hope you're on the beach right now(Sat), cuz it's as hot as the Sox are.
You have an interesting body engineering plan going there. I hope it all works out Reb.
Hope your rehab goes well and that you'll be off the DL in short order. Don't be pulling no Dustin Hermanson on us.
Awesome stay at the cottage. Any recent turtle sightings?
You're coming home rested and relaxed. The Sox still have a 5 game lead in the loss column. Your arm feels better(I hope). Next week will be cool and sunny and dry. The Sox play the Angels(3 of 4 please please) and then KC, the most consistant team right now in baseball. Welcome back Reb.Miss us?? Click on this or cut n paste
Terrible job, Timber Industry
mmm, I guess I need to get one of those things to make sure a human is posting. where do I go, people?
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