Friday, August 05, 2005


Captain Crunch

I don't really want to write about this, since everyone and their mother's friend's dog already have, but the truth is this is my blog, and it's for me as much or more than anyone else.

I've been waiting for this.

I wrote about it, in fact, back in the infancy stages of this blog, only the fifth post. I declared this to be his year, and have looked on in anxious anticipation each opportunity he has had, and there have been many.

It seemed a no-brainer to me that this would happen, particularly with the way Jason has been swinging the bat this year. But with the bases loaded, it seemed as if he was anxious, too. I could see how badly he wanted it, plain as day, with the intensity of his expression, and the power of his swing. But he was swinging too deep. Most of his at-bats with the bases loaded this year have resulted in a strikeout. I had begun to worry that he wouldn't get it.

When it finally happened, I was watching... but I missed it. I stepped outside to get something from my car, and the pitching change just didn't take much time at all, I guess. Anyway, I inadvertantly notified Jere of this event... most likely before it even happened. I called, and knowing he was watching with more of a delay than me, he assumed what had happened, (which, as I said, had not happened yet, least not on my tv; I was calling for other reasons.) and took his phone off the hook. Then after he saw the grand slam, he called and left a message bitching me out and took his phone off the hook again. So I had to leave a message on his blog, defending myself. I think by now he has forgiven me for what I did not mean to do at all... at least I hope so. (It's weird, though, how he always has more delay than me, under many different circumstances.)

whose mother's dog has a blog? i want to see this blogging dog. :)
Your blog might be mostly for you, but boy,I and others enjoy the hell out of it.
peter*, you have dropped the n? this will take some getting used to for all of us! May I continue to use the asterisk?
Ha ha.thanks for the smile
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