Thursday, August 04, 2005


Gem of the Evening

There were enough good things about the game tonight to make me forget about the bad things. Guess you would call that a win. But there was just one curious thing, that I will not forget.

I think an announcer on the Kansas City Royals broadcast said something along these lines:
"Millar doesn't bring as much power to the plate as most 1B in the league, but he makes up for it with his stong defensive play."

Um, yeah, that's why the sox like to have a late-inning defensive replacement. Did he really say that?

The KC announcers are allowed by the team to take hallucinigenic substances while on the air. It takes the sting out of all the losses. Bud Selig is investigating.
Millar is as slow as a freshly chewed piece of gum spewed out of someone's mouth onto a warm slab of concrete. Anything not hit right at him into left is a double. After the comeback, this would be a tough one to lose.Bottom of the sixth...............
They're Royals announcers, they probably don't even watch the game in front of them anymore. They're actually watching taped football games in the booth and saying whatever random baseball-related things come to their minds at the time.
Sam, you are FUNNY where I TRY to be. Once in a while though, I'll get you with a good one.
Anyone ever try these podcasts? The Sox one sounds like a kid, but I only listened for a couple minutes. Busy guy, I am.
peter n*- trying to compete with sam's humor is not advisable. you throw some funny stuff out there sometimes. I think I manage it once in awhile, too. but sam's a natural. I'd like to see the shit that doesn't make the cut. If there was a way to be someone else for a day, (in terms of brain function, not body,) both jere & sam might be good alternatives to hallucinogens.
the kid on that sox podcast is in fact twelve years old, peter.
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