Tuesday, August 02, 2005


savor the sweetness

In my right eye, I watch Bob Wickman close out a game, thanks to the cushion given him by Al Leiter. And I remember just two weeks ago, when the Yankees sat in first place for less than twenty-four hours, just after the inexplicably stellar performance of that very same Al Leiter at Fenway Park.
how dark it seemed in red sox nation.
how uncertain
the air became heavy
as a storm gathered far in the distance
and appeared suddenly, as if out of nowhere,
raged on for days
then was gone, in an instant... and unexpectedly.
*Bob Wickman just smiled and made a thumbs up. You know what that means.*
And now it is sunny. The air is light.
*oh, you don't? It means the Yankees SUCK*
There's a warm breeze, and the sound of laughter and cheers.
Yeah, the summer has turned.
But we've been over that, right?
Ah, it still feels good to dwell on it. After all, today felt so sure, and the confidence of the nation was well placed. And Manny, though it's nice to hear that you love us, you can show us in that way any day. Also, thanks for making Runny Elves PAY for those walks.

Manny's not the only thing shiny and gold right now... the whole team looks refreshed after a quality "nap" yesterday. Our second baseman is finally starting to grow on me, and Gabe makes a splash in his short playing time, once again. He didn't have much of a chance on that score, but you've got to love his bid to knock the catcher over.

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

I don't know a lot about this Jose Cruz jr kid, and I hope it works out. Rockies sure are hoppin' mad, and I betcha a certain Larry Bigbie is not too thrilled either. The mangled story I heard is that this trade was already completely signed off on by Theo, then pulled by Lucchino & co. The fact that the first part of this trade had already gone through makes for a messy situation. I sure hope this Cruz kid makes up for the mess by suddenly living up to the formerly glittering potential I've heard mention of.

patriots.com/Keith Nordstrom

The guys have hit the field in Foxboro, and I start to remember that there is life beyond baseball... football, of course. Now most of you readers would not realize this, but I am a football fan first. But it's much different to blog about... I'm not sure I'll be all that good at it, and so far I have not been feeling inspired. Now that camp has started, I'm sure that will change quite soon.

If the Red Sox keep going, and I have no doubt of that, even with last night's ninth inning jitters with Schill, you'll be a very busy lady with the Pats on the plate too. But that's a good kind of busy. But I do wish Schill would throw a few more splitters, and maybe waste a pitch once in a while. All in all, I'm headed to work with a big smile on my face and a Sox shirt underneath my dress one. What a beautiful day!
Was that supposed to be a joke, or were you a little...altered..when you said "Fenway Stadium"?
hmmm. I may have been slightly altered, but more in a state of tired delirium. I remember thinking something was very wrong about that, and I just couldn't put my finger on it... sometimes I wonder, what makes me so blonde?
It's cool to find another blogger that's a Pats fan first, Sox Fan second, (or maybe more appropriately Pats = #1, Sox = #1A?)

I'm looking forward to reading your entries about The Pats.
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