Tuesday, August 23, 2005


No Title, No Sleep

I got home in time for the bottom of the ninth, after an extra-extra long day of painting. I think Timlin must have sensed my disappointment with so little of the game left to watch. So he tried to make it interesting for me. And it worked. Just a few short minutes after Witch City Sox Girl commented here at Reb Sox that we were working on a shut out... eh, not so fast. Loading up the bases wasn't quite thrilling enough; Mike decided to make sure I got to see some runs score. So, they were for the other team - it's only the Royals... it's almost like charity.

After working a full day at a client's, I went to my sister's house to work on her master bedroom. This project, which I said from the start that I did not want, has dragged on over a month. That's because I have not devoted any actual days to it; I only work on it 2 or 3 hours at a time in the evenings and only when I feel like it. It's enormous and needed a lot of prep, ceilings, trim, ok I'm losing you folks here, aren't I? Yes, well painting bores me to tears, too. I'm sick of this project, which I was supposed to finish before I left for the cottage. So I dug in and got most of the remaining stuff done there.

At 10:15 I was practically falling over myself as I carried my ladder out, where I encountered my dear sis smoking a butt. "Yankees won it in the ninth," she says to me, all smiley and excited. (It's nice that yank fans can enjoy the simple things again, like just winning a game, and not feel it was expected.) "Felix Escalona hit an rbi single to win it!" she tells me. "It's about time, eh?" I say, remembering the insufferable Michael Kay's comments last night on Escalona's squandered opportunities. "What do you mean, we won last night." Of that, my dear, I am painfully aware.

We are all aware of the absurd goings-on in the Bronx. I have been watching some of these games, and I still don't understand how they are possibly winning. And I'm completely confused about their pitching. Why aren't we seeing a hit parade or three against the likes of Al Leiter? Dude sucks. But not in pinstripes, apparently, and he's not the only one. I swear, if Alan Embree starts pitching well, I might have to start an investigation.

But you know what? I'm not worried about those evil arachnids. I think that's because they SUCK, but it might also be because my eyes are closing without my permission and my brain is flashing the message "Emergency Cranial shutdown commencing - Find bed immediately."

Reb, did you see the last 2 episodes of 6 Feet Under yet? And the 1 hour special? They're available on ON DEMAND. Take care.
The first in the 4 book series is called THE CABINET OF CURIOUSITIES by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs. It and the next 2 ( Still Life With Crows and Brimstone) are all in paperback. The latest will be in paperback in a few months. I will go so far as to offer you a money back guarantee if you ar not wowed by them. SERIOUSLY!!
I hate the yankees.
And their fans. And their announcers. And their "legendary players." And their smug sense of entitlement. And their dumb luck.
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