Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Moose Parade

I'm sure NESN showed highlights of the glorious top-o-fifth which recently occurred over in the Bronx. It's moments like these which make me feel marginally ok about the fact that I get YES instead of NESN. The highlights may not show that this rally started with one man on and a 1-1 pitch called as a ball. This made Moose very unhappy. (Personally I'm shocked that a borderline call went away from the yanks. Seems like that never happens. Wonder if that ump's check is late.) The next pitch was promptly returned up the middle for a base hit. Still flustered, Moose walks the next guy to load the bases. Goes to pitch to the next guy and oops! Moose scores the first run off himself by hitting the guy. I'm going to have to check the play-by-play tomorrow, because I think Moose went and walked the next batter as well. Then a base hit, scoring two more. I've got to be honest and say that at this point I completely lost track because I went to the bathroom (score 4-0, two on) to rinse off my hands, and when I came back it was 8-0, bases empty. I've got to assume there was a longball involved there. And they finally relieve Moose of his agony. And indeed it went on for quite awhile still, but the jays only got one more. I think it will be enough. The score through 8 is 9-2, and I'm pleased to announce as a sidenote that the contemptible Gary Sheffield is 0-3 tonight with a strikeout.

Reb--you KNOW Moose is from Williamsport, right? We (I)liked him so much better when he played for the O's.
I did not realize that; no wonder he seems like such a nice guy. How old is he, anyway? You probably actually know him, dontcha? Well I think he's great, but his outfit is awful, and he might have a hard time getting his soul back from the devil.
BTW, I have not looked, my guess is that Moose is 39.
Mussina's father-in-law is an esteemed plastic surgeon. He has worked on his son-in-law extensively, so when I tell you moose is 59, it's believable. He pitches like someone 20 years younger.
I missed the 9 run inning. The one I'd been waiting for the Jays to get in this series. The weird thing was, Kay said, "If you went out to dinner or to get some ice cream, you're probably pretty shocked at what happened in this game," since it went from 0-0 to 9-0 in one inning. I thought then that Steinbrenner might have my house bugged, since Chan and I actually did go out before the 9 run inning and came home after. (Only we didn't get dinner and ice cream, we got our laundry and saw some free jazz.) (As in "a jazz concert in a park near us that didn't cost any money," not "free jazz.")
Actually, Moose's dad is a lawyer (even better, huh?)...i worked for him years ago and got to use his tickets on occasion to sit in the players section at Camden Yards. As far as his age goes, he isn't 39 (or 59 for that matter)--maybe 33, 34...something like that. Not a bad guy from what I hear...but he has a younger brother who was REALLY a nice guy back in the day when I knew him. What I will say is the family is just a really nice group of people :-)
Moose?? I'm actually looking at a black bear RIGHT NOW in my backyard. Help Reb!
Ah, Moose. The only Yankee you can call cute and not immediately feel a rush of self-loathing over, because really, everyone thinks it.

The self-loathing will come, of course, as he's a Yankee, but it helps to get some photos of him in Os gear and look at those instead.
Sam, I feel no guilt. ok, maybe I feel guilt that I feel no guilt. He just seems so earnest. None of that over-confident egoism that we see in almost all the other yankees. He simply does not belong on the team. When does his contract run out, anyway?

peter*, a bear? in CT? you've got to be pulling my leg.

jessie, how did you get to be such a yank hater? (not that there's anything wrong with that; in these parts - and frankly, fans of pretty much any other baseball team - this is as highly respected as hate can be.

jere, you missed a thing of true beauty.
There have been more than 197 bear sightings in Avon/Farmington alone this summer. Maybe they'd help the Sox pitching staff. Something better.
Reb--i have NEVER liked the yankees. Perhaps it is inbred, perhaps it is just that I have always known the RIGHT thing to do(not that I always do it). Not sure. Regardless, I now live in a house with 2 yankees die-hards...and, in a word, NO.
The Royals self-sodomized, letting the Yanks score 5 points in the ninth and winning the game on the pitcher's error on a sure-fire double play ball. Jeez Louise. And that's the only inning I tuned into. Excuse me but I feel sick.
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