Monday, August 29, 2005


I Live

My blog has now passed into the abyss of the forgotten, since even my most loyal friends must be starting to suspect that I may never blog again. Not so! Oh, how I have missed you, my desk, my keyboard, my mystical internet friends.

I finally had some time to blog yesterday, and before the game wrote quite a few paragraphs which are now, of course, completely useless as they were meant to be published before the game. Clearly I was interrupted, and held up in fact for several hours. Fortunately I was able to resume life somewhere around the third inning, but had already squandered my free time for the day. Once the game ended I was off and running, working my little tail off - and yes, I mean I was painting and what-not, and in fact did not stop working until 12:30, when I finally just dropped into bed. Yikes.

I admit I am often lazy. There are weeks when I do practically nothing. This is just not right, and if you ask how I get away with it... I don't. Not really. I suffer. And every once in awhile, I run around like the proverbial headless chicken, trying to make up for it.

*Methinks Johnny Damon is happy I'm finally blogging.*

Well just because I haven't been writing about it does not mean I haven't been paying attention. I have some comments to make on the situation our boys have *holy shit apparently Papi is feeling happy tonight, too. Who the hell is pitching batting practice out there?* dug themselves into. But I think I better post this while I can, and watch the game. Stay tuned.

Scoring 10 runs per game makes for fun viewing, but it is not a recipe for success against good pitching. Funny thing is, in the AL East, who has good pitching?? Oh, and hi Reb. I was wondering when there would be a new post. I have a feeling September is going to be here and gone before we know it. It would be nice to see the Yanks lose a few.
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