Saturday, July 23, 2005


Bloggers Rock

As most of you know, I was at the Hot Stove, Cool Music show last weekend, sitting with Twitch & Empy, and Empy's friend Dave. (By the way, these people all have real names, which I do actually use, but if they don't put it on their site, I don't put it on mine.) I had met Empy back in May, but this was my first time meeting twitch, which I very much enjoyed. Also, I realized the other day that I owe her a drink; I look forward to paying her back.

I know they say you should be careful about people you meet over the internet, but I haven't had a bad egg yet. And if you believe what these SG people are writing about their get-together last weekend, (which I'm not sure about, BTW), it seems that sox bloggers are just good people. It kindof makes me want to have a big-ass blogger party, but I'm guessing that Newtown, CT is not convenient for many of you. Then I thought maybe my week at the cottage in Plymouth would work... until I realized I have no way to see the game there, it being in a national forest no-cable-allowed and all. I don't think you all would be too happy with me if I lured you all down there and then told you we couldn't see the game. But really, if any of you are content with radio, let me know.

So I'm disappointed with myself for not getting pics of the four of us at the show, or the other four (witch city & friend, jere & pat) who I kept visiting. Because the last thing you people want to see is yet another pic of Bronson...
Before he went on, I had to wait over at gate D for awhile for Christin to slip me a $20 I had lent her. While there, a some dude arrived to see Bronson, who actually came out to the gate to meet him. Other than three completely burnt security people, I was the only one to see bronson there. It would have been awkward to whip my camera out at that moment... I really wish I had a new cell that takes pics. Mine is old and antiquated.
But anyway, if you are wondering why Bronson always seems to be looking at me in my photos, well I am, too. This time I really thought his expression changed when he looked in my direction. Yeah, I'm sure I'm just imagining things.

But I'm pretty sure that I'm not imagining this photographer staring at me, wondering why I am bothering to take pictures from afar when I could just use a photo taken by professionals who are very close.
I guess it's because I would rather have crappy pictures, as long as they are mine. But thanks for rubbing it in my face about how close you are.

The music was decent, but I guess I'd have to say what I enjoyed most about the show was hanging out with my blogger cohorts and their friends. Oh, and also not having to stand in line at the bathroom. Once it was totally empty, and that was kindof creepy.

Don't worry about owing me a drink. The booze slushies got passed around while you were in the bathroom, so I think you only got half a slushie :)

I'm personally counting the slushies as general entertainment instead of alcohol units. If you want to buy me a drink next time we run into each other it's fine, but don't worry about it either way.
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