Saturday, July 23, 2005


Trophy in the land of no NESN

Thanks to jere for pointing it out... apparently I made it into an article I was interviewed for. Zach got a fact wrong, but considering the random information I gave him, I'm shocked he made sense of his notes at all. Zach seemed like a very nice guy and claimed to be a red sox fan. And I believe him, but I'm wondering what a yankee fan would tell people if he were given this assignment.

Even though jere had mentioned to me that the trophy was coming to Ridgefield, he's always telling me dates to remember like when ESPN will be carrying the game & such, and I promptly forget every single time. He knows I do, so I hope he doesn't stop telling me these things - since I never remember anyway, I could see how he might think "what's the point?" But really, jere, I want to know. I'll have to start writing these things down or something.

So you've probably guessed by now that I had "NO IDEA" that the trophy would be around on Thursday until I got a call a little past eleven am. It was Bobby, a yankee fan, informing me that his buddy Jon B. was going to see the trophy in Fairfield, where it would be hanging out from 12-1:30. Well I believe I've mentioned how BUSY I've been this week, so I told Bobby there was no way I was goning to make it. However, when I finished that project at 12:40, I high-tailed it out of there and called Bobby for Jon B's number.

Jon B., standing in line with his nephew & friend in the hot sun, was thrilled to hear from me. Somehow the dude had neglected to bring a camera. I agreed to purchase one on the way. Each time I talked with him, he became more frantic, telling me to hurry, so when I saw the cars I quickly parked and started running. I found Jon B. in line, about six people back. He almost ended up at the trophy with no camera. And there I was, also with no camera. Jon took a pic, which I will get eventually, I'm sure. Also the woman behind me agreed to take one with her digital and e-mail it to me. I would expect this type of friendly gesture from any good sox fan, but this was especially nice of her since I had just cut right in front of her and a few hundred other people. Of course, I haven't gotten it yet, so maybe that's her revenge. At least I have the article to prove I was actually there.

Until the last fly ball was in Manny's glove, my heart was in my throat. I called 911. They wouldn't come.
yes, my heart actually made it out of my throat with Curt's nifty double-play, as the runner on third would mean nothing. Still it was nerve-wracking, and Manny made a nice play on that ball at the end; I did not think he was going to get to it.

BTW, peter n*, your server says you are in Wallyworld, where I went to high school.
I'm in Farmington, which is 10 miles west of Hartford. My hometown is West hartford, though. Have a great Sunday and go Bronson.
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