Friday, July 22, 2005


a little more on pink - in the stands last saturday

I've been happy this week that people are willing to tolerate my pink. It was especially nice of Sam to give me a free pass, since I let her know about it pretty far in advance specifically to taunt her. (those of you who know me well will take that as an indication that I very much like & respect sam. the rest of you are baffled, I'm sure, and I don't totally understand it either, so I offer you this in lieu of an explanation: in a family of four girls, taunting is a way of life.) Also it was nice of Peter to suggest that my face was glowing, not shiny. I don't think anyone believes that, but even still, Peter N. has officially become my favorite commenter. Flattery will really get you places (although I'm not sure if that's where you wanted to go.)

Anyway, I totally understand the objection, but I'd like to bring up one of the positives regarding pink sportswear. To your right you will see the absolute cutest girl in the ballpark last saturday. Her hat is backwards to promote a ninth inning rally, but sadly our boys did not cooperate. This girl was cheering and yelling out players' names. How can anyone say she is not a real fan?

When I was a kid, liking pro sports was considered to be tomboy-ish. To me this was a good thing, since my neighborhood was all boys and I had to be able to hang with them, but I'm sure that's not the case for everyone. Pink sportswear lets little girls know that baseball is for them, too. And I'm all for that. This means more and more female fans as the years go on. Maybe someday girls will be able to make intelligent comments on professional sports without getting strange looks. And maybe this will be a direct result of pink hats for little girls. Just a thought.

The cute little girl, by the way, is part of the family from Savannah that I mentioned. We staked out a spot behind section 19 last week directly behind their seats. At least, we all thought they were their seats, until four yankee fangirls showed up claiming otherwise. And unfortunately the yank girls were correct, the family was in the wrong row. So they all got up to move, and in the process the mom you see up there (sorry, we got pretty friendly with this family, but did not get any of their names.) accidently spilled beer all over my foot. Although it's a little hard not to mind a beer-soaked flip-flop, I was not upset with her at all. As the game went on, however, I became rather irritated that it did not spill on these yankee fans instead. In fact, for a while I seriously considered buying a beer specifically to spill on the girl in front of me. (I was sticking to water so I could survive the whole day, and later the mom came up to me and apologized again, and had bought me a water.)

Please note that even the sweet little girl is irritated by jeter girl in front of me. Honestly, it wasn't what she was saying; I am used to yankee fans (although I was perturbed by how many of them managed to get tickets at Fenway) it was the fact that she would not shut up. She had one of those whiny voices that slowly grates on your sanity. She was talking a mile a minute. On the cell, to her friends, on the cell again... I'm telling you, the girl did not shut up the entire time. I'm really glad I didn't have any weapon-ish things on my person because I started to feel quite violent before she and her yankee posse finally decided to leave in the 6th inning. (jeez, I realize that's how it's done at their place, but if you drive all the way to boston, wouldn't you want to stay for at least most of the game? not that I'm complaining.)

At this point, Jere, the good witch & I claimed seats. Unfortunately that involved gving up our standing room directly behind, and whadda-ya-know, that standing room got taken over by your token loud-mouth, yelling not just near, but directly into jere's ear. "time to find some new standing room," jere said after a couple minutes, and witch city took off with him. I had a feeling we would not find a decent view, so I decided to stay put. Pat and my two friends were still standing behind me, so Christin hopped up into a seat. Oh, by the way, meet the Marks sisters (not to be confused with the Marx brothers) Christin & Lori.

Their seats were supposed to be pretty much exactly across the ballpark from where they ended up. They opted for standing room with us instead of center field bleachers, and getting to hang out with my friends makes me really like this standing room deal.

These are the girls I saw game one of the world series with, out in NYC, and had to hold them back when a yankee fan called our boys "dirtbags." (maybe a shot for every homerun wasn't such a good idea...) A week later, the three of us were at the parade together.

And I love these girls, even if they are wispering here about how weird bloggers are.

So even though the game was not too great (thanks a lot, sveum), the company was excellent (um, except for jeter girl and loud-mouth, i guess.) And unfortunately I am 0-2 at sox vs. yanks games, one at each park. But since the yank rotation is a joke, I was over it immediately. I did feel bad for the family from Savannah, though; having come all this way it would have been nice for them to see a win. I told them I would post pics of them, and surely they have lost hope for that by now. I am pathetic to be posting them a week later. Believe me, this week has been UGLY.
I should tell you that the father grew up a braves fan, but knows his history well enough to have a special place in his heart for Boston. He was given a choice of tickets as a gift: Red Sox @ Atlanta or Fenway. He said it was a no-brainer. In Atlanta people aren't even paying attention at the park, and by the seventh are leaving to go do the next thing. It makes me really proud to be part of Red Sox Nation when I hear things like that. And even though I know they're watching the Braves every day, hopefully these kids always have a special memory of rooting for the red sox at Fenway. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Why thank you Rebecca. I couldn't help but wonder if you meant favorite commentator from Connecticut, or worldwide. And is this a temporary thing subject to which way the wind blows, or is it more of a steady gig. I'm steady at times, don't worry. Hope you read this and your weekend is/was great.
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