Saturday, July 23, 2005


last night

wow. That game got pretty awful quickly, there. But just before all the crap, I heard a gem from a White Sox announcer: "We got ourselves a little ducksnort." eh what does that mean, exactly? Just a perk from my which was so choppy for some reason tonight that I also did not actually see either of those homeruns off Wakefield in the 6th, and choose to believe that they did not actually happen.
* as I write this, Stern hits his first mlb homerun. Nice job, boy. Keep it up; you've got two totally hot outfielders to compete with all of a sudden. (thanks theo.)*
You know what's nice about this white sox network? I've just heard an announcer question a call that went his team's way, for at least the third time tonight. They were talking all night about how knuckleballers don't get half their strikes called. That's nice honest announcing there.

Anyway, I'm aware I've been pretty lame this week. My real life has taken in exhausting fashion. Mind you, I've been watching the games, and the two I saw last night were studies in beauty. Both come-from-behind 5-4 wins. Tonight, not so great, but things are looking up as I turn the yanks on to see them down 5-1.

Yeah, I wrote all this last night before slaving away on samples till 4:30 am. guess I forgot to post. But at least the angels did the good deed and kept that lead over the yanks; final score 6-3.

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