Wednesday, July 27, 2005


just words about a game -

We needed that kind of win. I've been saying it for days. But not at that cost. According to early reports, things seem to be ok, but as I watched Mattie Clement lay still on the ground... Yeah, I don't think I have to say it. We all felt it, that sick wrenching twist in our stomachs. Suddenly the game meant very little.

And yet it went on.

Reluctantly at first, many of us continue watching the game. Our hearts aren't into it, though, and perhaps Chad Bradford's wasn't either. Or maybe he just sucks. It was pretty tough to get worked up about it at that point.

And then the score began to swing back and forth. The drama of it was mercifully distracting. I felt somewhat fortunate for the fact that the station carried by last night was the devil rays'. They were good enough not to mention it, most of the time, except for when they had an update from the hospital. I think they only showed the replay once. Not that I could forget, but it was easier at that point to focus on the game.

Negative CAT or not, we were inches at most away from losing that guy. That tends to make a baseball game seem pretty small. If Mattie was "alert and coherent" as they say, it's possible he cared more about the outcome of this game than anyone else. He seems like the kind of guy who may even try to pin the blame on himself. "Jeez, if only I hadn't tried to block that line drive with MY HEAD, we wouldn't be in this crappy situation, down by two in the ninth..."

In the end it was Johnny who made the biggest play, followed by yet another just minutes later. But let us not forget that it was a team effort to keep us in it, led by our Captain and "unofficial captain" - a back-to-back rally-starting duo who together went 5/7 with four walks last night - and contributed to even by the newest member, Boston's own young Manny Delcarmen. These guys wanted to win last night, and not because they are paid to, but for something more profound. Because they are professional athletes, not doctors, and that was all they could do for their teammate.

This morning I read that Mattie might miss a start. MIGHT. A start, as in ONE. I don't even know what to say to that, as it seems incompatible with the the image in my mind, of Mattie, crumpled and motionless on the mound. I'm really, really glad you're ok, Mattie. Overwelmingly happy. We all are.

It was an ugly GREAT WIN. I'm so glad Matt C. is OK. The loss of Trot will be felt and probably hasten Mr. Kapler's arrival. Three cheers for Johnny Damon. Let's get out of Florida with a win today.
Reb, regarding your comment on the coverage on MLB.COM, are you in a portion of CT. without NESN? The whole time Matt was on the ground until the stretcher came out was pure silence. Remy et. al. were stunned, as were the rest of us. Thank goodness for the outcome. It DID make the game seem purely trivial.
yeah peter n*, all this has really overshadowed Trot's injury, which he says he'll play through which also concerns me. And they were just talking on Monday about how healthy he's been... and he seemed to be getting hot at the plate again, too. So while the Clement thing was absolutely terrifying, Trot's errant swing will end up more damaging.

and yes, oh nameless one. I am a resident of the accursed Fairfield County, the only area of New England where the New England Sports Network is not licensed by MLB to broadcast games. This is a crock, completely wrong and unfair, but unlikely to change for two reasons:
1. MLB is under the subversive control of king georgie
2. MLB would stand to lose much money because of all the rich sox fans here who are perfectly willing and able to pay for the MLB extra innings package.
Great post and great win, but I'm worried about the three-headed Hydra of Kapler/Hyzdu/Stern creating an offensive black hole in right for the next two months. And just thinking of Millar out there makes me barf. It seems like Trot is always getting hurt. Get well soon boys.
Man... if Clement came out of this without missing a start, that would be trul amazing. I almost hope they keep him out one, just because no matter the prognosis... the dude's got to have a little time to heal, right? Regardless, considering the potential severity of an injur like that... Matt and his family are frankly lucky he's still alive. anything else is just gravy. Couldn't be happier to hear about that quick recovery.

pparently he was in the clubhuse today, by the way, and looked no worse for wear.
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