Sunday, July 24, 2005


The Point(ed) Question

I just got back from NH. I was there for less than 24 hours. The things we will do for our friends when they get married... well I'm sure my man didn't mind, either. Anyway, I rarely drive I-84 at night. When I do, I am reminded of why. I should just expect to be stuck crawling at 5 mph at some point on that road; they are always doing construction somewhere. I appreciate that they try to get most of it done at night; I just wish they would consider taking Sundays off in the summertime. Really, it may as well be rush hour. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed - if they are working on two miles of one lane of the road, for some ungodly reason, they feel the need to block off two lanes for ten miles. Thanks a lot, CT D.O.T., or whatever you call yourselves.

On the way home I heard Christin on the radio for the first time. She's been on the air for almost a year now; the only reason I've never heard her before is that I'm a complete space cadet. I guess I shouldn't tell you what station she's on (since they don't use their real names on the radio, apparently) but I could hear her whenever I'm up in Mass or Seacoast NH, which I am quite often; I just always forget. But today I saw her at this shower (which was actually fun, not at all stuffy like some I've been to) and she had to leave early to get on the air and for some crazy reason I actually remembered that and turned her station on for the ride home. Just minutes later, I had already forgotten. Halfway through a promo spot I realized that this was my friend talking. She does all the female voice promos for this station. Plus she was also on the air at the time. Yet every time I heard her, I had to remind myself that it was her. Not that it doesn't sound like her, because it does... and yet it doesn't, and it's weird.

But while we're on the subject, I may as well post a couple pics Christin just sent me tonight from Lori's camera. I promise to finally quit posting late stuff about last weekend after that.

so there's me, Pat and Christin. I realize that some people have been wondering what Pat looks like for a long time now. Well here you go.

The four of us are "pretending" that something is going on on the field here. Some of us are more convincing than others. (way to play along, pat & jere. terrible job.)

This weekend our boys played in Chicago. I was hoping for better, but I 'spose I ought not complain as the white sox are pretty damn good. But regardless of the split, I have to say our boys seem to be playing with a bit more gusto this past week. And I'm starting to like Cora. DEFINITELY an improvement on Vazquez. Although that's not exactly a tall order, is it? I could not help but notice our new boy Tony up at the plate in a key situation where you just know Bellhorn would be striking out. And Tony Graffinino... struck out.

Both last night and today, I rolled into my man's house during the game. Both times, I arrive to find the game ON, and my man watching, on the screen in the basement. And he knew what was going on. And he discussed plays earlier in the game with me. But he still insists on calling runs "points". The man believes that all scores are points. I disagree. All competitive events have scores, absolutely, and I believe those scores are always represented by numbers. I do NOT believe those numbers are all "points". In sports where there are different types of scoring, with different corresponding values, such as football and basketball, those scores are referred to as points. In games where each scoring event is of equal value, the score for that event is always one as far as I know, and is referred to by the name of the score. In golf, these are strokes (and less is more.) In Soccer, various forms of hockey, water polo, even fuseball the scoring events are referred to as goals. And in baseball, there are RUNS. Personally I don't believe that these scores are actually technically points, but my man does. So please help me out here, and agree with me in the comment thread. Or not. Also let me know if you can think of any sports where the scoring is all on equal value in which the value is something other than one OR the score is referred to as a point. Ping-pong, maybe? In Tennis, there is the term "match point" so I suppose... no, I believe there are different values involved in tennis. Although I've never understood WHY.

And the glow from that face will surely light the world.(Oops, JFK).
whether or not we AGREE with you about the points thing is not the issue. Smile sweetly, say, "Ok, my man, whatever you think" and change the subject. Otherwise it will never end.
jessiee, you are so right. But I didn't think of the scoring value issue until the ride home. He may cede to my, er, point. (honestly i'm desperate for him to stop saying "points". I feel he does it on purpose to irritate Seanie and Mike and myself - and whoever else might hear him. And unless I prove him wrong, this will also never end.) BTW, how was the pirates game?!

peter n- not to brag, but I was recently called "absolute sunshine" by the good witch, and also I went to the same h.s. as JFK. Still I'm pretty sure that was grease on my face.
I really don't think my posed photo expression deserves "terrible job" classification -- I look genuinely thrilled at the imaginary triple play I was creating in my mind! It was really hot that day...
excuses, excuses... yes you do look thrilled. overly so. but the most terrible jobby was jere, who looks sarcastically so.
and yes, it was REALLY hot that day.
terrible job.
terrible jobby, what now?
Anyway, you giving me that TJ Citation made me forget about the total TJ by your proverbial man on the points thing. It's runs, not points. Calling runs points is like saying the losing team's score before the winning team's. Or running the bases clockwise. No debate necessary. TJ.
If you think he does it to annoy you, odds are good you are right. Look for the glimmer in the eyes. It's a family trait. Pirates game and Pitts was a good time...this weekend (Sat) is Orioles v. CWS at Camden Yards -- a fine kick off to our family vaca at VA Beach. Camden Yards is the ballpark that made me love baseball, so I in particular am looking forward to it. Kids haven't been there yet...if I have my way, it will be a winning game, and crabs and beer at O'Brickie's.
Hear that everyone? root for the O's on Saturday. We want them to overtake the yanks, anyway.

But they've got their work cut out for them, jessie, the ChiSox are a good team.
Cool blog and cool message
I like your theory about points/runs/goals/etc., but it's almost certainly wrong.

In cricket, different sorts of plays score different numbers of runs, as many as six runs. And in fencing, each score is one point, all alike. Volleyball too.

Feel free to insist on baseball purism, though.
I knew volleyball was going to shoot a huge gaping hole through my theory. In fact, I'm shocked it took so long for someone to bring it up.

I had not thought of fencing, and of course I had no idea about cricket; that seems rather odd.

Perhaps we can save my theory by calling it a "generalization". I don't know if you knew this, but all generalizations are wrong. (which is, of course, a generalization.)
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