Monday, August 01, 2005


Coming Attractions

Not here, of course, but around the sox-blogosphere:
For a more up-close and personal look at the weekend that turned the tide at Fenway, check out what it was like to be there... on Saturday, to hear the lineup announced, then confusion let loose... then yesterday, a game any one of us would have killed to be at. At post-time, the pics & recaps are not up yet. Neither is the long-awaited BSM return post. But I would check anyway.

Edit: Not only are these all up now, but BSM has completed the weekend notes by including comments on the game he attended at Fenway on Friday.

WEEI also broadcasts on a Rhode Island station, Reb. This travels into Hartford, believe it or not. I don't know the call letters, but it's 93.7 on the dial. Take care, Peter n.
peter n*-
yes, I know it. Does not, however, travel to Newtown. It's ok, though. I would not be able to listen to those people every day. The problem is that nothing sox-related travels to Newtwon. I suspect king georgie has something to scramble the signal where it enters Fairfield county.
He's using Giambi's giant block-like head to block the transmissions. Obviously.
what a brilliant insight, sam! and here I've been asuming the size of his head was a side effect. Perhaps georgie had to ask jason to go back on the juice because his head began to shrink enough to let some transmissions through. Perhaps MLB knows of this, and has condoned it as necessary in order to maintain the integrity of NY's "exclusive area". This could explain a lot...
Hey, cool blog. I found it thanks to Beth's recent post at Cursed to First. Looking forward to reading more!

thanks mr. blackandwhite. Beth has quite the silver tongue, eh? I'm not sure I've had anything quite that flattering written about me before.

I was not aware of your blog, either, and with football starting up, I will be visiting!
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