Tuesday, July 19, 2005


More just in

Just about immediately after I hit publish, NESN announced that we have acquired 2nd baseman Tony Graffanino. (Hey, you think this guy's Italian?) And no, not for Embree. He's still hangin' in limbo. Surely you can get more info on this elsewhere. I saw something about a .298 average but I'm not promising anything. But for those of you who have been bitchin' 'bout Bellhorn all season, perhaps this will settle the issue. I sure as hell know Alex Cora's not the answer. (although that was a pretty sweet play last inning, wasn't it?)

Anyway, good to know our beloved Theo is hard at work.

Damn right. He got Hyzdu back. HYZDU!
Oh yes, and Cora has had some very impressive fielding during this game. A delight to watch.
I'm guessing Hyzdu will be headed down to Pawtucket when Graffanino gets here, though... someone needs to step into Chip Ambres' CF there. I still get the feeling that all this is going to be part of a much bigger shakeup.
Absolutely, Andrew. Theo's busy. much is going on. gotta love it.
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