Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I've heard there are other teams in this league...

and occasionally they do something that we ALL must see, despite the fact that they have nothing to do with the sox. So everyone be sure and check out the hot fight between the tigers & royals from sunday. And if you have, don't forget to watch the archive. well, you probably have, anyway, but I'm just making sure.

I'd just like to say Cheers to you for your optimism on your site lately. You're saying just what I'm thinking (and saying).

We NY-area people know just how incredibly fucking shitty the yanks are, so the Sox should win the division based on that alone. But the bonus of us being a great team that's about to hit stride is good, too.
Six games for The Farns is good, but five games for Bondo is utter bullwank.

Still, that fight was, so, SO worth it.

*happy sigh*
wait, i thought it would be the other way around. isn't bondo the starter? And what did he DO to deserve missing a start, anyway? He clearly wanted to kill someone, but did not touch anyone. WASN'T THAT THE POINT OF HOLDING HIM BACK? Now I wish they had let him go free.
Reb Sox: Sex orb
that, my dear jere, is a fascinating comment. just what do you mean by that?
Oh, yeah, Bondo will miss one start and The Farns, if this isn't changed on appeal, will miss 6, obviously that's not good. I meant that 6 games was less than I was expecting he would get, so THAT's good, while any suspension at all for Bondo (since he didn't, as you note, actually DO anything) is bullwank.
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