Monday, July 18, 2005


News Update

* the article I was directed to on Friday in the Wall Street Journal was by Allen St. John concerning their statistic "BABE". The formula for this stat is a bit vague, but seems to be in the same vein as BpB and was introduce in August of last year. Also, the concept of "bases per batter" I have consequently heard (through my bro-in-law's lawyer) was a discussion beginning in 2001. (this discussion was apparently rampant in NYC on YES and what-not, so tj jere for not picking up on it and saving me some embarrassment in the first place) So, as suspected, this concept was far too simple to be original. I'm not sure if a link to the article would work from my site; if not, try this link to baseball think factory, where I have truly embarrassed myself forever.

* I am once again hopelessly late with my pics & recount of my adventures on Saturday. They will have to come tonight. I know you're all dying to see me in pink, but you'll have to wait a pinch longer here...

* On Friday, I finally got a lead to my friend Jessie Engel on my statcounter. Naturally, this was after I had left my computer for two days, and the link to her blog has now disappeared from my log. Jessie, I KNOW you check my blog almost every day (usually around 9 AM), so PLEASE go there from yours or at least e-mail me the link, m-kay?

Now I feel famous.

I DO check your blog everyday... you crack me up and your writing is delightful. As a matter of fact, your blog is linked on my blog! And Andria is reading too, so we can keep up (even though most of the baseball stuff goes completely over our heads). And since I am a moderate RS fan (at least in this house, where everyone else is a NYY fan -- BOOOO!) I can at least read your blog and then ACT like I know something. So I am grateful.
Ah, and now you are famous, at least among my very tiny collection of readers. Please note the skirt pictured above - Kay found it when we were shopping and bought it for me. LOVE IT.

yank fans! *gasps in horror* we're going to have to have a little chat with that katie girl. I am already related to far too many yank fans. Must've been a tough weeked in your house, then, 'cept for friday of course.

As for "over your head," I assume you at least know that they are RUNS, not POINTS, unlike your bro (who clearly knows this and refuses to admit it.) But I did wonder what you were thinking of my statistical analysis.
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