Wednesday, July 06, 2005


BpB Explained

In the past two weeks, I have fielded many questions regarding my statistic, Bases per Batter. It has become clear through that process that a clearer, more streamlined explanation of BpB would be helpful to people. Please take a look at it; I have published this definitive as a guest column over at Most Valuable Network.

For those of you coming here from MVN, welcome! Can I get you some coffee? Oh, right, you are looking for stats. Of course. There are links on the left to two workbooks I've gotten up so far. The first is the Red Sox pitching, and has lots of charts, but the information isn't very detailed. The second, of league leaders, has the breakdown shown for bases calculation.

These workbooks are not up to date. I will do my best to fix this before I leave this morning, but it's a bit of a crunch.

I just returned from the holiday, and ought to have taken care of that last night. But naturally I completely forgot about this column coming out today... as I was distracted by more research. Check back here for more statistics in the near future, including a workbook on closers. Even though he's headed for the DL, I thought we all might want to see the numbers of our dear Foulkie as compared to last year. And yes, I've collected the data from last year. (Some of you may now realize why I didn't even have time to update last night, as I was doing this instead.)

Tonight I will be fooling around with the charts to try and get the lines to show together on one of them, so we can more easily see the differences. It's a good thing I don't have that stuff ready, as blogger images does not want to work this morning. So check back tomorrow for some fascinating analysis.

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