Friday, July 08, 2005


On the Block

ok, I can understand that Jay never wanted to come here. I can understand why a ball-player who has worked his ass off (I can say that, guys; I'm not on feedster) to get a starting outfielder position in the big leagues might be a bit peeved when that job is pulled out from under him. I can understand that perhaps the only way out of the situation was to make a nuisance of himself in the locker room. And I can appreciate that Jay does not share Gary Sheffield's attitude on the matter.

Still I felt like working up this photo a bit. Sadly, it's not even good. As an artist, paintbrush depresses me. I have no control with my mouse, and no clue how to make anything look how I want it to. I made this in photoshop, with every tool imaginable at my disposal, most of which I have no idea how to use properly. But give me a real paintbrush...

Yeah, so anyhow, at least Jay was good enough to try and play well. I don't think he was flubbing any catches out there on purpose, as Gary Sheffield might have in this situation. And he did hit that grand slam for us awhile ago, remember? But I think his attitude has been apparent to all of us even through the tv screen. (and more obvious up close & personal, BTW, which makes me wonder if he's just got an aggravated personality.) I can't see how having him around could possibly be good for team morale. The minor grumblings we've been hearing lately indicate a discord in the clubhouse that must be rectified. I just wish Jay's unhappiness could've been a bit less public. Everyone knows that he is forcing Theo's hand... which means we'll be getting less for him.

I suppose less for theo might still be more than any other GM would get.

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