Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Dead Arms

Y'all don't know how relieved I am to have an all-star break right now. It seems that I have developed a rather severe case of tendonitus. It's something I have been denying and ignoring for quite some time now, until finally I simply could not move my arm. One of my sisters is in "pain management", meaning she has quite the regular supply of extra-strength Vikadon, and let me tell you, that stuff did absolutely nothing for my pain. I've switched my mouse to the other hand because I'm afraid if I click it one more time, my tendon may just jump right out of my skin.

This weekend I was called into duty to help my sister while she had her in-laws staying over. Since I could not click my mouse, I needed her pain-killers, AND it was sweltering and she just had a pool built, I really did not mind. Of course this means that I missed the last two games with the O's entirely, which in hindsight seems like a good thing.

But while I was there, resting my arms, it seems I have managed to aggravate them further, this time just the actual muscles, which are rather used to abuse anyway. My l'il neice's cousin Vivi wanted to swim, but her mother could not go in the pool this weekend. So, being the kind-hearted and child-loving gal that I am, I volunteered to swim with her.

I am told that Vivi is three. In height she looks more like six or seven. In my estimation, she is actually able to STAND on the bottom of the shallow end (she would probably have to keep her chin up), but she refuses to even try. I am not making fun of her at all when I say she must be close to eighty pounds. I just know that I was sixty pounds in 3rd grade, and I was a twig not much taller than she is now. Again, I am not making fun of Vivi when I say she looks like a brunette Miss Piggy. She is three years old, for chrissakes, she is not in control of what she is fed or how much exercise is encouraged. Also, I do not know what her medical issues may be (although the most obvious explanation would be giganticism, and apparently that's not the case.) Vivi also has a little temper issue. If she does not like something, she screeches so loud you would not even believe it. And guess what? She did not want to get out of the pool all day long. It was all I could do to get out every twenty minutes to take a swig of my beer. I was holding this girl up in the water for HOURS.

That was Sunday. Yesterday I woke up and could not move either arm. And I'm a painter, so this is kindof a problem. I'm feeling a bit better today, but in case you're wondering why I'm not bloggin' away about the fact that I thought bobby abreau would NEVER make his tenth out, well this is why. hopefully my arms will work again soon.

Have you seen a doctor or physical therapist about the tendonitis? I had a moderately bad case about 10 years ago and recovered completely with high doses of anti-inflammatories and physical therapy. (1600 mg of ibuprofen every six hours and no typing for 3 days, then 800mg of ibuprofen with a snack every 6 hours like clockwork for a month, and a stretching routine I did every 10 minutes when typing. Other useful things: took a daily B-complex vitamin and got 8 hours of sleep a night. Stress makes tendonitis worse; stretching, sleep and vitamins help with that.)

Wrist braces really help some people, but my wrists pronate in a direction they aren't useful for.
er, don't take 1600mg of ibuprofen unless your doctor tells you to for a _very_ short period of time. It will fuck up your liver and cause stomach bleeding and possibly kill you, since you are a much more tiny person than me.
You don't want her to twitch,Twitch.
When did you start saying Y'all? I know you were born in Missouri, but that doesn't give you the right.
~Your pleasant little baby sister
I think I started using y'all on an occasional basis in 1988, after Beth came back from horse-back riding camp where she was bunkmates with some chick from Alabama. I'm surprised you didn't pick it up as well. Must be your special blue-blood Norwalk, Connecticut roots.
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