Saturday, July 16, 2005

I am now 3-0 at Jere's parents' place. to say the least. And I got to wake up on the sofa-bed to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. What could be better? Jere tried to give up his bed for me, which was very chivalrous, but I am the guest who has invited herself, so as to not risk being late in the morning (which I was bound to be, as I am chronically late) and pissing Jere off on what is to be a fabulous day. Besides, a sofa-bed is just fine with me; perhaps if it were just a sofa, I might have considered humoring Jere's good manners.

There seemed to be minor concern for Wellsie's concentration last night before the game. I couldn't understand what people were worried about; the man thrives on confrontation. And indeed he had his game-face on last night, fueled to dominate. We enjoyed seeing the tape of his confrontation; on July 2nd Jere & I were both up behind center field, trying to figure out what was going on.

I remember Jere saying "Johnny's going for the cycle!" at one point, and I come back in the room saying "he's going for the cycle? in the THIRD inning?" At this point the game had been on for quite some time. The innings were rather bottom-heavy. For awhile there I think the yankees had spent more time changing pitchers than actual time at bat. Of course when they started to run out of pitchers, these totals evened out a bit. Yesterday I doubted that the sox would be able to raise Redding's ERA before getting "yanked." Well, a game ERA of 54.00 has done just that: he's gone from 9.10 to 10.57 in just one inning (plus a few batters in the 2nd).

As expected, the rag-tag joke for a pitching staff won't last forever (at least in current form) as king georgie is poised for another acquisition: Leiter. Whatever. They need a lot more than just ONE pitcher. Maybe they should put A-rod on the mound? I mean, he's so great and all... he ought to be able to throw better than Redding, at least. I liken the yanks' rotation woes to our own pen problems, with one enormous difference. I like to call that difference "theo." Is there ANYONE out there who thinks king georgie & the cash-man are capable of doing even half as well on mid-season deals as Theo? No, didn't think so. Money can't buy everything.

OMG. I am late. Yes, I'm here, but jere wants to leave in 5 minutes, and I haven't showered. I didn't notice how late it was getting, since I am the only person awake here. So I've got to rush to publish. Sorry for any typos, folks. And if anyone has access to the Wall Street Journal, Weekend Edition, check out page W8. I have not seen it yet myself, but it ought to be interesting.

A game without nervous energy is truly one of life's pleasures. With the way David looked last night, you could tell he was good for seven quality innings. The Sox bats spoke for themselves, and it was batting practice against players in pinstripes. Big game to win today because the Yanks have the dreaded "?" pitching Sunday. Enjoy the shore and the weekend. PeterN in central CT. wishing the game was on NESN for its Hi Def. instead of Fox"s phony "widescreen", which is 480p.
Just to give your readers a better mental picture--This is my parents' house that they bought fairly recently, not the one I grew up in. So it's not "my bed," just the one in the guest room where I sleep when I'm there.

So it's not like I was offering you my bed in my old room with Mike Greenwell posters and baseball cards strewn about, which, I'm afraid, was a sacred bed and would not have been offered. Sorry.
that's a bed that might have frightened me. = )
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