Friday, July 15, 2005


I'm wearing PINK

I am my own person. I don't always "go with the flow." I am not afraid to be different. I march to the beat of my own drummer. I was raised this way. I think my mother meant it in the context of "Do what pleases the Lord, not what the world says you ought to do" but I don't believe in that part, so I just do what pleases ME.

I have my reasons for owning pink sportsgear, and usually it's not to wear to games. I understand the distaste for the fashion-colored stuff; I just don't share it. Lately I've been feeling a bit like saying "F-U pink-sports-gear-haters, you will NOT make me feel guilty for owning this stuff." I am not afraid to offend or piss people off, if that's what it takes to be myself. That's why I'll be wearing a pink ALCS t-shirt to the game & concert tomorrow. Because I feel like it, and I really don't care what any of y'all think of that.

Some of you might decide to boycott my site as a result of this. Whatever. If being someone other than myself is what it takes to get you to read my blog, I could do without your patronage. So I hope you do keep coming back, but if you can't handle seeing me in pink, you may want to skip Sunday's post.

The key is that you know your shit. People see the fashion people and assume that "they're only in it for the fashion." So people who don't know you may assume that about you when seeing the pink. Fuck 'em.

Also, a girl wearing a pink baseball hat for fashion only is no different than a tough guy wearing a slightly off-center St. Louis Rams hat, but they never take any heat from that. And with all due respect to NWA and their entire posse, I doubt any of them knew the names of any of the White Sox OR Raiders in 1992.
And hey, if you get rid of the pink hat because of the purity and integrity of the logo etc., then you have to wave bye bye to the camo hat (Trot might be pretty pissed about that), the shamrock stuff, the black on black hats, the white on white hats, etc. All that happy crappy.

Also, I wonder about generalizing with the pink. Like, what if someone like the SNL egrogenous "Pat" character came waltzing into Fenway with a giant pink t-shirt and matching hat. A gal like that might not be cast in the same light because the rest of her is inconsistent with the "type." But she'd still be wearing pink in the stands, so...

Maybe the pink hat needs an addendum. Pink hat, tight jeans, fake boobs, year-round tan, acrylic nails. I propose calling it "Porn Hat" from now on. That way, we create a clear distinction between a level-headed normal girl who likes to wear a pink hat sometimes and the whore-type pink hat girl. No?
:) I just commented on your pink picture. I am guiltily one of the pink haters. I hate it mostly because I just plain hate pink. BUT...I also hate it because a MAJORITY of the girls who wear it aren't wearing it because they truly love baseball and just can't wear anything but pink.

You do know your shit..jere is right. So it's forgiven in my mind. I just hope you don't mind if I chide you for it ;) You can list stats and plug your ears while I do it.

love you still PINKY.

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